Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dealing with Post or Between Trip Depression.

One of the biggest struggles in any Disney fan's life is post or between trip depression.
It's that feeling you get as soon as step off of the plane in Boston and realize that it is FREEZING and there are no palm trees in sight. When you wake up the day after a trip in your own bed and realize that you have to have cereal instead of mickey waffles for breakfast. Or when you see a commercial for WDW on TV and want to cry.

I get PTD all the time when I'm stuck in the library writing papers until 2AM or when I'm standing behind the register for hours at work. Over the years however I have found a few ways to deal with it that make it sting a little less. Basically, YouTube.

YouTube is a magical place full of endless cat videos, beauty gurus and daily vloggers but it is also home to every parade, firework show, ride POV and character meet and greet that has ever existed in any of the Disney Parks. 
A few of my favorites are:
(My personal favorite parade EVER) Mickey's Boo to You Halloween Parade

Another thing I do to deal with PTD is watch videos of other people in Disney. It sounds weird I know, why would watching other people have fun help make you feel better? I'm not sure why, but it does. 
My favorite person that I am subscribed to for this is Adam Rucker. He visits the parks all the time and I love to watch because he always checks out new things that I can't see while I'm stuck in Massachusetts.  

3. Disney. Proposal. Videos.
Obviously we all know I love weddings, especially Disney weddings so basically videos of proposals in Disney are like my drug. They are perfect and adorable and are guaranteed to make you cry happy tears for people you don't even know. Just search "Disney Proposal" on YouTube and you will find hundreds of them. This is just one of my favorites. 

4. Disney movie nights
This is an easy one. You miss Disney? Watch a Disney movie. They are guaranteed to make your mood at least a little better. They don't even have to be "Disney movies" if you don't want to watch a cartoon. One of my favorite things to do with my family before or after any trip is to watch home videos of our past trips. It's fun to see how much things have changed in the parks over the years and who doesn't want to see how cute they used to be when they were little? 

5. Pinterest
Pinterest is full of Disney things. They have recipies, crafts, books, EVERYTHING. Just do a simple search for Disney world and you will find anything you could ever want.

I hope you have enjoyed this week as much as we have! All I want to do now is get on a plane and be in a park now. This week was a lot of fun and I think you can expect more themed weeks from us soon!

Let us know some themes you would want to see or some post ideas that we should do! Have a magical day and I will see you on Monday!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Hidden Mickey

My real question about this whole Disney Week thing is how did we go almost a full week without talking about the mouse himself? This character started it off after all, so I figured I'd save him for last.  Here's an ode to Mister Mickey Mouse.

As Disney Week is coming to a close for me, I figured I'd take a look around my own house and see how much Disney has influenced my family and myself.  Disney is known for hiding the classic Mickey Mouse ears around the park and in every attraction as well.  If you look hard enough, you'll find dozens.  I figured I'd mimic Disney and find the "hidden" Mickey's in my own life as well.

First I adventured up the stairs and this gem was sitting pretty in the hallway.


Then we opened the dresser and found this beaut.
The bed had these two buds.

A Jewelry box had the famous ears on it...

          Two Autograph Books 

only one of the famous signatures though!

Much Love,

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Throwback Thursday - Disney Edition

Because it is Throwback Thursday and we still have a few days left in Disney week I thought I would share my sometimes cute, sometimes awkward and mostly embarrassing pictures from my past trips to Disney World!

1997 - My First Trip and the 25th Anniversary of WDW

2003 - Matt's First trip and when I got serenaded at Hoop Dee Do
2008 - My awkward stage complete with braces and ugly sunglasses! 
2010 - Halloween and the year I forgot what a brush was.

2013 - My graduation trip

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Songs from the Villains Lair

Why is it that in almost every Disney movie the best song in the whole movie is generally from the villain?  I know myself personally has always been more drawn to the bad guy over the hero.  Maybe it was my tomboy antics as a younger me, but I couldn't help but to tap my feet along as the antagonist belted out their plan to a catchy tune.  Here's some of my favorite Disney villain songs.

Be Prepared - The Lion King

Poor Unfortunate Souls - The Little Mermaid

Gaston - Beauty and the Beast

Mother Knows Best - Tangled

Cruella De Vil - 101 Dalmatians

Much Love,

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My, What a Guy That Gaston

When I was younger I was too busy being absolutely obsessed with The Little Mermaid that I didn't really care about Beauty and the Beast but as I've gotten older I have a new love for it. Mostly because of Gaston.

Now before you go judging me, I do not think Gaston is a good guy, but that is why he is my favorite. He is a great villain because he's not killing puppies for fur coats or trying to overthrow a sea king, he's just an egotistical jerk. I promise you that everyone has met at least one Gaston in their life. He may not be storming a castle to kill a beast but trust me, he exists.  

Gaston is that guy in high school who was so obsessed with himself that he made everyone obsessed with him too. The guy that you know will always be in high school, even when he's in his 40's. The one who girls couldn't stand but also couldn't resist and guys hated but also wanted to be. He could be found in the gym right after school or shirtless in a bathroom somewhere taking mirror selfies to post on facebook. 

Just listening to his song from the movie he sounds ridiculous but everyone has one and that is why Gaston is so great. Because he is ridiculous. He is an over the top mix of every alpha male stereotype and basically a huge joke.  Now that I am out of high school I still meet my fair share of Gastons in college but I can look at the real Gaston and laugh because his whole character is a spoof of all of those egos. It's fun to see him not get his way because you know that if those guys didn't get what they wanted they would throw temper tantrums like a five year old and they would need to hear people tell them how great they are. Again, real life Gastons hopefully wouldn't form an angry mob just to get the prom date they wanted but you get my point.

Gaston is also my favorite character to interact with in the parks. He is hysterical and perfect and totally obsessed with himself.

 His tavern in new Fantasy Land is complete with his giant chair by the fireplace and HUGE portrait on the wall. Gaston was even nice enough to to donate a statue of himself to the town.

Well that's all I've got for today and as Gaston would say,
the pleasure was all yours.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Why Lilo and Stitch is One of the Most Important Movies of all Time

Disney has always been an important part of my life.  Like many others, I was raised on Disney movies and our vacation spot of choice even to this day is Walt Disney World.  As already stated, this week is Disney week on this here little blog, so I'd like to start the week by talking about my personal favorite, Lilo and 

This movie came out in June 2001 and I remember convincing my grandma to take me, my sister, and my two cousins to see this movie instead of seeing Mr. Good Deeds.  That day probably changed me for good.  From the second the film started, I was hooked.  A lovable blue alien, a misunderstood little girl, and a story that would tug at anyone's heart strings.  Honestly, Disney did no wrong with this movie and it is possibly one of the most important movies of its time.  Here's a look at the cast to see why this film is so significant.
This sweet little thing is Lilo.  Lilo adopts Stitch at the dog pound and that's where all our fun begins.  Lilo is a troubled little girl.  After losing her parents, she finds herself with no friends, little family, and not even some peanut butter to give to Pudge (he controls the weather).  However, Lilo powers through.  She's sassy and has a sense of herself that is hard to find in little girls now a days.  Lilo is easy to identify with because we have all felt at one time or another that we don't necessarily fit in and that the only person who understands us is our pet.  Being a little sister myself, I always say myself as Lilo and my sister as Nani.
See this hot bitch? This is Nani, Lilo's older sister.  Now, Nani is everything you want in an older sister.  Hard working, independent, and always has your back.  Nani has custody over her little sister since her parents have passed.  Wouldn't really be a Disney movie without a tragedy, right?  Well, Nani does all she can to fight to keep her little sister under her belt.  From playing along with Lilo's active imagination, to putting aside her own personal needs to make sure the two can have a family life.  Might I add Disney also did a fantastic with the illustration of Nani as well?  Here, we see a beautiful figured woman who is unafraid to wear a crop top and shorts, but has no thigh gap.  She has big hips, a big butt, but isn't fat.  We tend to forget there is a normal, healthy weight, and Nani fits that description. You go Disney!
See this guy? This is David. Now, most movies would automatically put David with Nani.  Afterall, the pairing does in fact like each other so that would make sense, yes?  Well, Nani is too busy for a guy, and David never pushes her to be with him.  He's crazy about the girl so what does he do?  Anything he can to make her life easier or more enjoyable.  Take notes, fellows.  David does everything right.  And does Nani owe him?  Nah, but it's always highly appreciated.  More men in this world should be like David.
Now this odd couple is Jumba and Pleakly.  These two are supposedly the comic relief, but honestly, they whole movie is a comic relief.  Jumba is the creator of Stitch and was arrested at the beginning of the movie for illegal experimentation.  Pleakly is his counter part who is sent to earth with Jumba to obtain Stitch, who has escaped to the planet.  Now, we see great growth with these two.  They go from villains at the beginning of the movie to good guys by the end.  Good to see that tigers can change their stripes, yes?
Now this little fucker is Stitch.  Stitch is the definition of a trouble maker.  He escapes from his home planet to Earth where he wrecks havoc, gets hit by a truck, befriends a little girl, goes surfing, and becomes his own definition of 'good.'  Now, Stitch is a terror, but he is a lovable one.  Lilo shows him that with patience and love, even someone of his standards can be good.  We are taught through Stitch that we can make our own family.  We can come from nothing and still find people who love us at the end of the day.  No matter if our family is little and broken, they are still good. Yeah, still good.
Lilo and Stitch shows us the real meaning of Ohana and that life isn't always easy.  From the constant struggle of the aliens trying to steal Stitch from Lilo (who rightfully owns him), to Lilo almost being taken away from Nani by the government because despite her best efforts, isn't a fit guardian.  The movie makes you laugh from the quirky characters it is filled with, but makes you want to go hug every person you have every loved a little tighter.  I think this movie deserves a lot more credit than it is given.  Recently, Disney has been given much love for its sister film, Frozen, but lets not forget, the original sister film was Lilo and Stitch, and in my opinion, does it much better.

Much love,

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Why Disney?

I have grown up in a family who is extremely obsessed with Disney.  My parents danced to A Whole New World at their wedding, went to Disney World on their honeymoon and have taken us to the parks 5 times since I was two years old. I was obsessed with The Little Mermaid, convinced I would marry Prince Eric, and bawled my eyes out when my cousin broke the Flounder pinata at my 3rd birthday party. My brother went to Disney for his first trip when he was in kindergarten, had every Buzz Light year toy and almost shit his pants when he got to meet Stanley.

Disney to me really is the happiest place on earth and although I know not many people feel the same I don't care.
 I love everything about it. I love that it is one of the only places where my brother and I get along for (most of) the trip, where my mom and I get Dole Whips for breakfast, lunch and dinner and where my dad can actually get a break from work to ride roller coasters. I love the food, I love the characters, the rides, parades, EVERYTHING.

Disney is my happy place, I want to be there every day and when I am there it's like I'm on cloud nine. When I was a freshman in high school I found out about the Disney College Program and knew that no matter what, I needed to do it. Then a year later, the royal wedding happened and I knew that I wanted to become a wedding planner. I have been caught many times crying over Disney World proposal videos on youtube and I stalk the tag on tumblr like it's my job. I knew that it was possible to get married in Disney, I mean I have been planning my Disney wedding since I was 7 and on one trip I dragged my entire family through the Grand Floridian all the way to the wedding pavilion just so I could see it in person. (warning this could get cheesey) Every bride wants to feel like a princess on their wedding day so why not help give them a happily ever after in the happiest place on earth? (told ya)

No I do not think that I am too old for Disney, that isn't even possible. No I do not think it is a tourist trap, you don't have too buy everything you see and No I do not get bored there since I've been so many times, once again that isn't possible.

I'm not afraid to "Rock my Disney Side" and I can't wait until I'm a cast member.

See ya real soon!

Disney Week!

So because this weekend was the Rock Your Disney Side 24 hour event in the parks, we decided to show our Disney sides here this week!

As a huge Disney fan I am so excited and I hope you enjoy it as much as we will.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Nostalgia Trip

I guess we all yearn for the past in one way or another.  I spent all of my Saturday morning attempting to download an old PC game I played when I was in about fifth or sixth grade.  The past gives us comfort because it's so familiar.  I like to think this is why we keep old photographs, ugly sweaters, etc.  It's a trend to see a married couple who were high school sweethearts, a group of teenagers watch childhood movies, what have you.  Watching these old films we tend to see things we never noticed as a child or were simply too young to understand.

I want to be in a business that is always stuck in the past.  We like to think that fashion is always "forward" and after what I learned this year, we are constantly looking back.  We are taking trends from previous eras, slightly modifying them, and putting them off as the next best thing.  I'm guilty of doing this, hell, I'm currently wearing an outfit that is sampling 80s punk and 90s grunge.  We love looking back at the past so we can look what's bad, ignore it, but take the good and make it even better.  How many new things can there be anyways?  Clothes have existed for almost the entire existence of man kind.  Only so many cuts you can make a skirt and ways to wear a shirt.  Different styles will always be in or out.  Whether you say you care about fashion or not, deep down everyone is a fan of fashion.  If you wear clothes, you are a fan of fashion. Period.

Just some thoughts.
Also, tomorrow starts Disney Week and I hope you all enjoy.
Much love,

Friday, May 23, 2014

How to Make a Bad Week Good Again

I had a pretty rough week so the only thing I could think to do is watch some stupidly funny youtube videos. so here are some of my personal favorites that I watch every time I need a mood boost.

Will Ferrell and Chad Smith (from the Red Hot Chili Peppers) Drum Off
This just happened last night so it's not on my usual list but it is just too good not to share. 

Clues Stained In Ink - Olan Rogers
Olan Rogers is hysterical. His stories never fail to make me laugh. This is just one of the greats.

Patience Test
How much can one roommate take? Apparently a lot. (part 2 is just as hilarious)

Tangled Voice Over
One of the funniest voice overs I have ever watched

One Direction Caption Fail 
What happens when you sing some of One Directions most popular songs and ask Google to translate it? This:

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sad Song Playlist

Here are six songs I always go to when I need a good sad tune. Whether its a break up or just a bad day in general, these tunes are the perfect remedy of sad. 

Honeybee - Seahaven
Perfect song for when you know you're wrong about something and don't know exactly how to apologize. 

Clairvoyant - The Story So Far
You know that ex that says you're a terrible person, but when you dated saw you as a entity? Yeah this is a song for that.

The Shaking of Leaves - Into It. Over It.
Evan Weiss is the God of the emo revival. This song makes me think of the world around me and how it honestly can be a scary place to live.

The Ancient West - Have Mercy
Simply put, when you aren't over someone. Like at all. Also an old crush showed me this band and every time I hear it I still think of him. Hot damn.

Golden - Fall Out Boy
When it feels like you don't have a friend in the world and cannot find the justification for much anything, this is the song for you.

The Devil in my Bloodstream - The Wonder Years
When you feel like you can't amount to anything and can't make your family proud.

...or just listen to anything by Brand New for a few hours.
Much love,

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wedding Wednesday

As an events management major and aspiring wedding planner I am OBSESSED with all things wedding. Wedding shows, movies, magazines, everything! I'm also totally obsessed with celebrity weddings. Since all we've been hearing about lately is the Kardashian wedding or Brangelina's engagement, I wanted to share 3 of my favorite celebrity weddings.

Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian

The Breaking Bad stars "Vintage Parisian Carnival" themed nuptials took place in Malibu, California on May 26th 2013. The ceremony took place under white twinkle lights and a canopy of trees. Cocktail hour featured clowns and stilt walkers. 

My favorite part? the musical guests and entertainment.
John Mayer sang his song "Daughters" for Parsekian's father/daughter dance, David Blaine provided magic tricks and Foster The People performed during the reception.

Seth Meyers and Alexi Ashe

Seth's wedding is currently my favorite celebrity wedding. The couple was married in Martha's Vineyard on September 1st 2013. Only 2 days before the wedding, Alexi got food poisoning and was actually still in the hospital the morning of the big day! 

Alexi and her sister wore custom Carolina Herrera gowns and Herrera also lent the "unofficial" bridal party dresses

Guests were given lavender in paper cones made from the pages of the couples favorite books, Catch 22 and Great Expectations. 

Dinner was served in an outdoor tent before dancing took place in a barn.

My favorite part? The first dance.
Alexi and her family are all country music fans so Seth surprised her by getting Brad Paisley to play their first dance song!

The Royal Wedding

I consider the royal wedding to be the reason I choose to become a wedding planner. On April 29th 2011 i set an alarm so I could wake up and watch every second of coverage before i went to school. 
I have a major royal obsession and I especially love Kate's Cinderella story.

Both Kate and Pippa's gowns took my breath away and I loved seeing Harry whisper "wait til you see her" to his brother at the alter.

Everything about that day was perfect to me. I watched all of the arrivals, the kiss, and the reception coverage. I still watch TV specials about it even 3 years later. I even just wrote my history final about it! I wish I could pick one favorite part of this wedding but that just isn't possible.