Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Nostalgia Trip

I guess we all yearn for the past in one way or another.  I spent all of my Saturday morning attempting to download an old PC game I played when I was in about fifth or sixth grade.  The past gives us comfort because it's so familiar.  I like to think this is why we keep old photographs, ugly sweaters, etc.  It's a trend to see a married couple who were high school sweethearts, a group of teenagers watch childhood movies, what have you.  Watching these old films we tend to see things we never noticed as a child or were simply too young to understand.

I want to be in a business that is always stuck in the past.  We like to think that fashion is always "forward" and after what I learned this year, we are constantly looking back.  We are taking trends from previous eras, slightly modifying them, and putting them off as the next best thing.  I'm guilty of doing this, hell, I'm currently wearing an outfit that is sampling 80s punk and 90s grunge.  We love looking back at the past so we can look what's bad, ignore it, but take the good and make it even better.  How many new things can there be anyways?  Clothes have existed for almost the entire existence of man kind.  Only so many cuts you can make a skirt and ways to wear a shirt.  Different styles will always be in or out.  Whether you say you care about fashion or not, deep down everyone is a fan of fashion.  If you wear clothes, you are a fan of fashion. Period.

Just some thoughts.
Also, tomorrow starts Disney Week and I hope you all enjoy.
Much love,

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