Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Channeling Carrie Bradshaw: Thoughts on Dating

As a college student entering their twenties in a few months, it's hard not to love the HBO sitcom Sex and the City.  As a fashion merchandising major, Carrie Bradshaw is the epitome of what I want to be.  A fabulous New York City apartment, a shoe collection for the gods, and always an attractive, older man at her side.  It's all glitz and glamour with her best girlfriends by her side.  With reruns of this show always filling slots on E!, it makes the fantasizing about a fabulous life an everyday occurrence.

An interesting concept is brought up on the show often that is a constant struggle for women of all ages: is he really into you?  In the age where the modern phone call is dead, we sit by our phones and wait for a text message to appear with his name on it.  We've grown accustom to constant texting when we have a potential love interest, but when that ceases to exist, we tend to over think until we want to rip our hair out.  We gather our girlfriends over drinks or food and discuss how much we "hate" men, but we really are just looking for comfort.

When the mating call of the average man from age 15-30 is "wanna watch a movie?" it's hard to believe romance exists.  The word date is seldom used and the run to the bedroom seems to be quicker.  How's a woman to survive in these conditions without pulling her hair out?

So the age old question: is he really into you? Word of advice, put the phone down. Chances are, he IS into you. You are most likely over looking the signs of affection and focusing on the few signs of inaffection.  Find a guy friend, one you can be blunt and honest with.  Tell him all the details.  Since he is a man, he thinks like a man.  He can give you advice your girlfriends might not.  Don't think you're bothering him with annoying girl stuff because I have a secret for you: guys bitch about this stuff too. We are not alone.

If you find yourself over thinking a guy, do something nice for yourself. Do your hair, buy some shoes, see your friends, put on your favorite dress, and continue like any other day. When you look good for yourself, you feel better. This is science I swear. Try not to think about him, if he's into you, he will talk to you.

Much love,

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