Friday, May 30, 2014

Hidden Mickey

My real question about this whole Disney Week thing is how did we go almost a full week without talking about the mouse himself? This character started it off after all, so I figured I'd save him for last.  Here's an ode to Mister Mickey Mouse.

As Disney Week is coming to a close for me, I figured I'd take a look around my own house and see how much Disney has influenced my family and myself.  Disney is known for hiding the classic Mickey Mouse ears around the park and in every attraction as well.  If you look hard enough, you'll find dozens.  I figured I'd mimic Disney and find the "hidden" Mickey's in my own life as well.

First I adventured up the stairs and this gem was sitting pretty in the hallway.


Then we opened the dresser and found this beaut.
The bed had these two buds.

A Jewelry box had the famous ears on it...

          Two Autograph Books 

only one of the famous signatures though!

Much Love,

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