Sunday, May 11, 2014

(Last Minute) Mother's Day on a College Student Budget

Moms are pretty great aren't they? We all know that mother's day is meant for breakfast in bed and home made cards, but what if you can't be with your mom on mothers day? I know that I'm still stuck at school for a few more days and I'll only be able to see my mom at dinner tonight so breakfast in bed wasn't really an option for me. It also doesn't help that I have almost no money right now since I'm not working so I thought I would help some of you who may be in a similar situation.

Here are some of my favorite (cheap) gift ideas for mother's day!

1. Mani/Pedi in a jar
One thing that I wanted to do for my mom was to treat her to a Mani/Pedi but those can get pretty pricey and I knew that if I got her a gift card she would never go to use it on her own. SO I saw this "Manicure in a Jar" idea on pinterest and i think it's perfect! Just throw together the following items and finish it off by tying a cute bow or hot glue-ing a fake flower to the lid :)
All you need is :
1 medium sized mason jar - $2 at Michael's
(at least 1) Bottle of Nail Polish - $8 for Essie
Travel sized bottle of nail polish remover - $2 at Wallgreens
Travel manicure set - $6 at Wallgreens
Cotton balls (just take some out of your medicine cabinet)

2. Paint her something!
Mom's love home made things so why not make her something? buy a cheap wooden frame or letters, grab some paint and go crazy! 

3. Make her a calendar
This is so easy. Buy some scrapbook paper or free paint swatches from home depot, glue them down in a grid, frame it, get some dry-erase markers and boom. instant calendar for your busy mom. 

Now go call your mom or give her a hug, tell her how much you love her and enjoy this lovely day! 

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