Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My, What a Guy That Gaston

When I was younger I was too busy being absolutely obsessed with The Little Mermaid that I didn't really care about Beauty and the Beast but as I've gotten older I have a new love for it. Mostly because of Gaston.

Now before you go judging me, I do not think Gaston is a good guy, but that is why he is my favorite. He is a great villain because he's not killing puppies for fur coats or trying to overthrow a sea king, he's just an egotistical jerk. I promise you that everyone has met at least one Gaston in their life. He may not be storming a castle to kill a beast but trust me, he exists.  

Gaston is that guy in high school who was so obsessed with himself that he made everyone obsessed with him too. The guy that you know will always be in high school, even when he's in his 40's. The one who girls couldn't stand but also couldn't resist and guys hated but also wanted to be. He could be found in the gym right after school or shirtless in a bathroom somewhere taking mirror selfies to post on facebook. 

Just listening to his song from the movie he sounds ridiculous but everyone has one and that is why Gaston is so great. Because he is ridiculous. He is an over the top mix of every alpha male stereotype and basically a huge joke.  Now that I am out of high school I still meet my fair share of Gastons in college but I can look at the real Gaston and laugh because his whole character is a spoof of all of those egos. It's fun to see him not get his way because you know that if those guys didn't get what they wanted they would throw temper tantrums like a five year old and they would need to hear people tell them how great they are. Again, real life Gastons hopefully wouldn't form an angry mob just to get the prom date they wanted but you get my point.

Gaston is also my favorite character to interact with in the parks. He is hysterical and perfect and totally obsessed with himself.

 His tavern in new Fantasy Land is complete with his giant chair by the fireplace and HUGE portrait on the wall. Gaston was even nice enough to to donate a statue of himself to the town.

Well that's all I've got for today and as Gaston would say,
the pleasure was all yours.

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