Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sad Song Playlist

Here are six songs I always go to when I need a good sad tune. Whether its a break up or just a bad day in general, these tunes are the perfect remedy of sad. 

Honeybee - Seahaven
Perfect song for when you know you're wrong about something and don't know exactly how to apologize. 

Clairvoyant - The Story So Far
You know that ex that says you're a terrible person, but when you dated saw you as a entity? Yeah this is a song for that.

The Shaking of Leaves - Into It. Over It.
Evan Weiss is the God of the emo revival. This song makes me think of the world around me and how it honestly can be a scary place to live.

The Ancient West - Have Mercy
Simply put, when you aren't over someone. Like at all. Also an old crush showed me this band and every time I hear it I still think of him. Hot damn.

Golden - Fall Out Boy
When it feels like you don't have a friend in the world and cannot find the justification for much anything, this is the song for you.

The Devil in my Bloodstream - The Wonder Years
When you feel like you can't amount to anything and can't make your family proud.

...or just listen to anything by Brand New for a few hours.
Much love,

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