Friday, May 16, 2014

Summertime Sadness

When you're a college student, finding something fun to do during the summer isn't always easy.  And if you are fortunate enough to find entertainment, it generally doesn't come cheap. Here's six ideas for you and your high school friends to do during your few months away from the books.

Go on a hike!
No matter where you are, I'm sure you have a state park near you. State parks are free to go to and can lead to some good entertainment. Pack up a car, a few water bottles, and get going!

Find a Water Source!

Being from a coastal city, this hasn't been a problem for me. Go find a beach, lake, stream, damn, what have you, and go have a good day. Grab some shades, a blanket, a chair, a swimsuit and have yourself some fun.


Corny, stereotypical, but who cares? Mom is sure to have a basket laying around somewhere. Fill it up with goodies, find a park, and let the feast begin.

City Day!

Go to your local big city, walk around, take pictures, pretend to be glamorous and the best don't have to spend a cent!

Go on a damn walk!

Get off your lazy butt, go on a walk! Your hometown hasn't changed, but you sure have. Walk around and have a nostalgia trip. You'll reminisce and appreciate what has been in front of you your whole life.

Look at the Stars!

Go lay in a field somewhere, grab a blanket, and talk about philosophy while staring at the night sky. I promise it does wonders for your mental health and is therapeutic. 

Now get off your ass and go have some fun!

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