Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What Am I Reading?

Hey everyone!
So last week a book came out, but not just any book. The sequel to one of my all time favorite books, White Girl Problems by Babe Walker. The sequel, titled Psychos, picks up right where WGP left off, it is the story of Babe Walker and her life after spending time in rehab for a shopping (and minor drug) addiction. Babe is one of the funniest writers and constantly has me wondering if this book is in fact a memoir, because it is so over the top.

Because of finals i have only been able to read a few chapters so far but I can already say with confidence that this is going to be the perfect summer beach read!
I highly recommend you read White Girl Problems if you haven't already and go get your copy of Psychos online or in stores ASAP!

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