Monday, May 26, 2014

Why Lilo and Stitch is One of the Most Important Movies of all Time

Disney has always been an important part of my life.  Like many others, I was raised on Disney movies and our vacation spot of choice even to this day is Walt Disney World.  As already stated, this week is Disney week on this here little blog, so I'd like to start the week by talking about my personal favorite, Lilo and 

This movie came out in June 2001 and I remember convincing my grandma to take me, my sister, and my two cousins to see this movie instead of seeing Mr. Good Deeds.  That day probably changed me for good.  From the second the film started, I was hooked.  A lovable blue alien, a misunderstood little girl, and a story that would tug at anyone's heart strings.  Honestly, Disney did no wrong with this movie and it is possibly one of the most important movies of its time.  Here's a look at the cast to see why this film is so significant.
This sweet little thing is Lilo.  Lilo adopts Stitch at the dog pound and that's where all our fun begins.  Lilo is a troubled little girl.  After losing her parents, she finds herself with no friends, little family, and not even some peanut butter to give to Pudge (he controls the weather).  However, Lilo powers through.  She's sassy and has a sense of herself that is hard to find in little girls now a days.  Lilo is easy to identify with because we have all felt at one time or another that we don't necessarily fit in and that the only person who understands us is our pet.  Being a little sister myself, I always say myself as Lilo and my sister as Nani.
See this hot bitch? This is Nani, Lilo's older sister.  Now, Nani is everything you want in an older sister.  Hard working, independent, and always has your back.  Nani has custody over her little sister since her parents have passed.  Wouldn't really be a Disney movie without a tragedy, right?  Well, Nani does all she can to fight to keep her little sister under her belt.  From playing along with Lilo's active imagination, to putting aside her own personal needs to make sure the two can have a family life.  Might I add Disney also did a fantastic with the illustration of Nani as well?  Here, we see a beautiful figured woman who is unafraid to wear a crop top and shorts, but has no thigh gap.  She has big hips, a big butt, but isn't fat.  We tend to forget there is a normal, healthy weight, and Nani fits that description. You go Disney!
See this guy? This is David. Now, most movies would automatically put David with Nani.  Afterall, the pairing does in fact like each other so that would make sense, yes?  Well, Nani is too busy for a guy, and David never pushes her to be with him.  He's crazy about the girl so what does he do?  Anything he can to make her life easier or more enjoyable.  Take notes, fellows.  David does everything right.  And does Nani owe him?  Nah, but it's always highly appreciated.  More men in this world should be like David.
Now this odd couple is Jumba and Pleakly.  These two are supposedly the comic relief, but honestly, they whole movie is a comic relief.  Jumba is the creator of Stitch and was arrested at the beginning of the movie for illegal experimentation.  Pleakly is his counter part who is sent to earth with Jumba to obtain Stitch, who has escaped to the planet.  Now, we see great growth with these two.  They go from villains at the beginning of the movie to good guys by the end.  Good to see that tigers can change their stripes, yes?
Now this little fucker is Stitch.  Stitch is the definition of a trouble maker.  He escapes from his home planet to Earth where he wrecks havoc, gets hit by a truck, befriends a little girl, goes surfing, and becomes his own definition of 'good.'  Now, Stitch is a terror, but he is a lovable one.  Lilo shows him that with patience and love, even someone of his standards can be good.  We are taught through Stitch that we can make our own family.  We can come from nothing and still find people who love us at the end of the day.  No matter if our family is little and broken, they are still good. Yeah, still good.
Lilo and Stitch shows us the real meaning of Ohana and that life isn't always easy.  From the constant struggle of the aliens trying to steal Stitch from Lilo (who rightfully owns him), to Lilo almost being taken away from Nani by the government because despite her best efforts, isn't a fit guardian.  The movie makes you laugh from the quirky characters it is filled with, but makes you want to go hug every person you have every loved a little tighter.  I think this movie deserves a lot more credit than it is given.  Recently, Disney has been given much love for its sister film, Frozen, but lets not forget, the original sister film was Lilo and Stitch, and in my opinion, does it much better.

Much love,

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