Monday, June 30, 2014

June Favorites

As June comes to an end and we move on to (the best month of the year) July I wanted to take an opportunity to talk about some things that I have been obsessing over this last month.

Lilly Pulitzer came out with her 2014-15 planners this month and I am obsessed. I love my Lilly planner and would honestly be so lost without it most of the time. The designs for this year are beautiful and the planners come in 4 different sizes! I still haven't decided which one I want for September because I love them all!
Get yours today at

Essie's Van D'go 
I first fell in love with this color in December but it looks so much better with a good tan. The peachy/pink color is not as intense as last year's coral but I'm absolutely obsessed.
(Order on Amazon)

Peek A Boo Studs 
I found these while scrolling through the Francesca's website to make my birthday list and I NEED ALL OF THEM. I'm not the kind of girl to go crazy with big earrings and I usually wear my pearls all the time but these are so cool and I have never seen anything like them before!
Get the Laos Studs HERE and the Makena Studs HERE
(only $12 and $14!!)

Pleated Textured Skirts
When I first saw these skirts in the store I just ignored them because i didn't think they would look good but after seeing #ootd after #ootd of people wearing them and really pulling them off I have come to love them. (The purple one is on my birthday list in-case you were wondering what to buy me). 
Find these HERE

Target is a magical place and when I walk in I pretty much look like that gif. I'm sure that one day I will make a whole post about it but for now I'm just going to talk about how amazing the $1-$3 section is. Sure a lot of it is junk but the last few times I've shopped at Target I've left with something cute from that wonderful corner of the store. I bought two adorable journals for $1 each that i use everyday to write down post ideas and today i bought some $3 tumblers that look like they could have been from PINK. 

What were some of your favorite things this month? Let me know in the comments!
See you IN JULY! :)

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Why the Hell Did I Go to the Gym?

In the age of instant media and glorified stick figures, I find it hard to look in the mirror and be 100% satisfied. I personally am obsessed with fashion and the way the industry works, but one thing that always bothers me is the standard of being thin and a size zero. No matter what when I look in the mirror, I am no Victoria Secret model. I guess that makes sense. Afterall, I am only 5'1" with no thigh gap. Also my boobs are not that large. Nonetheless, a killer bod wouldn't be all that bad. Today I decided I was fed up with the person I saw in the mirror and decided to go to the gym with my father.

Well, let me tell you, that sure was an adventure. (well not really but I like to think of myself as a good story teller)
First I had to get off the couch and we all know how well that went for me. Getting out of PJs and not taking a shower directly afterward should be a sin. I'm not okay with it. As a religious morning shower girl, it was strange to be putting on a bra before I showered. Never mind leaving the house without a shower. That felt like a sin in and off itself.
Then we finally got to the dreaded place and I stare at the treadmill like "buddy, it's you and me." But tbh, the treadmill sucks and we are not friends so I decided to do my cardio via the elliptical.  idk but am I the only one who thinks running in place just seems pointless? What's my goal? Where's my end point? How do I know when I'm done?

But then I kick ass on the elliptical and get roughly 3 miles, or the duration of The Story So Far's first album, out of the machine before I call it a day for cardio. BTW angry breakup music like TSSF is absolutely perfect for working out and makes you want to conquer the world with a hot man by your side and crushing your enemies with your thighs. Idk maybe that's just me.
 then of course I see this guy I know there when I'm drenched in sweat and probably smell just as lovely. Eh, I'll own my sweaty glory. There are worst things in the world (like how I saw my evil ex-boyfriend while I was walking my dog at the beach tonight) (also this GIF sums up my life greatly and I needed an excuse to finally use it) (BOOM ROASTED)
All in all, I really hate the gym. I never find motivation to go. It's like I want to be hot and have a hot body and make boys swoon when I walk by but at the same time I really think a nacho pizza would be delicious right now. My own personal fitness works better when I have friends involved and it isn't in a sweaty gym. Like hiking, swimming, kayaking, running, walking, whatever game involves fitness, etc. I never liked gym class because if you were bad at typical sports, no one ever picked you. But my wrestling skills were always on point and I would have been hella good at any rock climbing activity. Anywho, the main point is find something physical that makes you happy and stick with it because being in shape is important for your physical and mental health. And being in shape has a different definition for every human being so don't let society's standard define what your body is comfortable in and feels healthy in. Also remember, it's not all about working out, eat right (but remember salads are never filling and don't let the man tell you otherwise)

Much Love,
P.S. you're probably in better shape than me
P.P.S. I probably eat bigger burritos than you

Sir Fluffington

Hi guys so I know I suck and I didn't post yesterday but I was kinda busy and just really couldn't think of anything to post BUT I'm super happy with my posts for this week so I hopefully will not let you down again!!

Please don't hate me! <3 Heres a picture of a puppy named Sir Fluffington.
 How can you be mad when you see this little guy????
Answer: You can't.


Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer Loving

Summertime is a typical time for romance and the occasional summer fling. Love is in the air and everyone seems willing to catch it. I tend to come off as harsh when the topic of men come up, but deep down, I'm a hopeless romantic. To quote the song, Aside, " love with love and lousy poetry." Honestly, the quickest way too my heart is a Rita's italian ice and a bad pun to go with it. I'll probably propose to you on the spot. I guess Grease got into all of our heads from a young age, but regardless, summer romances can be quite fun and can really sweep you off your feet. 

Enough sap, here's cute date ideas to wrap up summer week for me!
  1. Beach date! So stereotypical, but always a classic. There is nothing easier than two beach blankets, a cooler filled with goodies and the summer sun to bring two closer together.
  2. Frisbee Tossing! Wait until later in the evening when it's a bit cooler, but this can spark some light competition and that's always fun.
  3. Water Gun Fight! Go to your local toy store, buy two water guns, and you can guess the rest. Run around, enjoy the weather, just be silly. Silliness is my favorite trait, personally.
  4. Campfire Cuddling! Buy s'more ingredients, make a fire pit, and just relax in the crisp summer nights. You may even grab a blanket for added adorableness.
  5. Air Condition Bliss! Too hot to even think of doing anything outdoors? Stay in, put on a stupid movie, and put the AC on nice and low. This way, you'll be forced closer because you'll be -gasp- cold!
  6. Hiking Endeavors! Like the person enough to get nice and sweaty? Then this is a great idea and great exercise. Also, you get to look at their butt if they hike in front of you. Always a bonus.
  7. Fruit Ninja! Slice up some fruit and make yourselves a nice fruit salad. It's too hot to cook anything else, let's get real.
  8. Grilling Babes! On the contrary, you can always take the kitchen outside and have some burgers and hot dogs. Quick, easy, little mess, always successful.
Of course, if worse comes to worse, you can always have a mall date, movie date, or dinner date. There's nothing wrong with these, of course, but they can happen anytime of the year. Just remember the difference between a fling and actual romance and you'll be well on your way to enjoying your summer with a significant other! Just know, you are young and whatever happens in the next few months may not matter in a few years. So ENJOY who you are with. Do stupid stuff. Be cute, fall in love, make mistakes, and LEARN. 

Much love,
P.S.But, oh those summer nights

How to Survive Summer 101

Lately, I've been trying to convince myself that being home for a whole summer is okay. After the past year away at school, being home feels almost unbearable at times. Questions like how did I do this for so long come into mind and what do you mean I can't put a restraining order on my family because they don't knock before they come into my room??!? Maybe my patience is low because I've been sick and have hardly any voice. As a lady who likes to speak, this is the biggest tragedy. Anywho, here's my survival skills for this summer.

  1. WORK. gosh, if you're a college student, you should probably be working a summer job anyways, but this is the best oasis away from anything that may be nagging you at home. Let customers nag you and then your family won't seem so bad!
  2. DRIVE. most likely, you got your license in high school and probably even have your own car. If this is the case, take that car and just go on a drive somewhere. Don't worry about the gas prices because this is a good escape. Put on a good album and just go. 
  3. HEADPHONES. music sounds better through them anyways. Want to not hear any background noise in your house? Put these bad boys in and let the private vacation begin.
  4. HIGH SCHOOL FRIENDS.  this is an obvious one. You left these buddies behind when you left for school last fall. They're most likely still around and are back from school as well. You have a bunch of stories to exchange, go get started.
  5. INVITE SOMEONE OVER. new friends, old friends, you are less likely to have to interact with the rest of the household when you have someone over. And even if you're family does show an interest, DO NOT STRESS! They generally just want to ask how the friend is doing and trust me, it's no harm and lay off. Not everything the household does is negative.
  6. DIY PROJECTS. have a vision of how you want your room at home to look or your future dorm room? Well, get started on making the accessories. A vision is one thing, an actual project is another. I know I personally don't want my dorm to look the same all four years and already have plans for my room in the fall (be prepared, Kasey!)
  7. COOK. cooking is relaxing, delicious, and a great time killer. Most likely, you can even offer to make dinner for the whole family and get on everyone's good side. This is always an added bonus. Also you can grill which is a fun activity to do with friends. Me and my boys have done this several times this summer with great success.
  8. GO OUT TO EAT. my favorite thing to spend my paycheck on. Go with friends, siblings, parents, or even yourself, you deserve a treat where you don't have to be over a hot stove. Also, it's too hot to cook go eat.
  9. FIND A POOL. the perfect stay-cation. Whether you or a friend has one, just get to it, put on some sunscreen, a cute bathing suit, and relax. Swimming is fun, tanning can cause enjoyment, just have at it! For added entertainment, get a water gun. This is also a great date idea.
  10. BREATH! lastly, just remember it's not that bad. Your family loves you, and they miss you when you're gone. Being home isn't all that bad. When you get irritated just remember you are going back to school in the fall, and you won't be around your family for a few months. You will miss them and you will get homesick. You'll be sick of dining hall food, tests, and overloaded with homework. Your time home shouldn't be wasted, but when you need to take a breather, remember to do so.
if all else fails, drive off into the sunset like the bad bitch you are.
Happy Summer Vacation,
Much Love,

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hey guys! Just a quick update, I've been very sick the past week and was running a fever most of yesterday. I'll have my normal post up and one additional one for tomorrow to make up for the lack of a post on Wednesday. I'm not 100% up to speed yet and it's giving me a headache so writing for long hurts hence why this will be short. Hope you're all enjoying your summer


Big Brother

So it can't be summer week without me talking about my summer obsession Big Brother. I become totally obsessed with the show a few years ago and I have no shame. I become totally involved with it every summer, it's on 3 nights a week and I can't help but stalk hashtags on twitter or follow the live feeds online whenever I can. The season premier was last night and boy do I have things to day about it.

Last night was only part one of the two part premier which continues tonight and the game has already changed. Host Julie Chen already warned us that it would be the "most twisted season of Big Brother ever" including a new twist to the Head of Household's role and something called team america that basically creates an alliance between the viewer and 1 (or more?) house guest where the viewer basically plays sims and tells the house guest what to do. Another twist was that we only met 6 house guests last night, who competed and named a HoH and we'll meet the other 6 tonight and they too will compete and name an HoH. Not really sure what any of that means yet but I guess we'll find out.

Even though we only met 6 house guests last night, I already have a favorite and so much more to say about the others. So let's start with the favorite.
Frankie. Grande. 

Okay so I loved Frankie before he was on big brother so I already knew he was going to be my favorite before the season started since I have been subscribed to him on YouTube for so long. Also he is Ariana Grande's big brother which is also pretty cool. He won HoH last night after Amber pretty obviously threw the competition. He's so funny and crazy but the only thing I'm worried about is if he wins HoH and gets the suite, he will get pictures from home which will probably include some of him and Ariana even though he is trying to hide that they are related....
If you haven't watched any of Frankie's videos on youtube you definitely need to!

My least favorite this season is 100% Paola. 
I hated her the minute she showed up in her introduction clip. She is a bad mix of last years infamous house guests GinaMarie and Aaryn. She is stuck up and obsessed with herself and she's obsessed with having a showmance with Cody and I can't help but think that she is just going to pull a dramatic tantrum the minute he gets evicted just like GM did over nick last season. SHE IS SO ANNOYING AND I AM SO DONE WITH TALKING ABOUT HER PLEASE LET HER GET EVICTED SOON!!!

I don't really have anything to say about the other house guests yet but I will warn you that if you follow me on twitter you need to prepare yourself for my #BB16 live tweets. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Throwbacks

Summer time brings so many great weather, food, movies, fashion and of course some pretty catchy music that no matter what time of the year you listen to them, they always bring you right back to laying on a beach or driving around with the windows down. Here are some of my favorite summer throwbacks that are sure to put a smile on your face.  

Metro Station  - Shake It
I will be the first to admit that I had a major Metro Station phase in 2008 that I am not proud of but you can't deny that this song was catchy as hell. 

Promiscuous - Nelly Furtado ft. Timbaland
This song was maybe one of the biggest songs of the summer in 2006 and it is still just as great (now that it's not the only thing on the radio).

3OH!3 - Don't Trust Me
Honestly this is still one of my favorite songs and I have no shame.

Aaron Carter - Summertime ft. Baha Men
You're lying if you say you never liked Aaron Carter as a kid. If this doesn't bring you back to 2002 then I don't know what will.

Pitbull - I Know You Want Me
Ask any of my friends and they will tell you how obsessed I am with Pitbull's music. I don't know why but I do know that you can't have a summer playlist without at least one of his songs. 

Good Charlotte - The Anthem
Because who didn't have a punk phase in elementary-middle school? 
(Also anything by Simple Plan could work here too)

Usher - Yeah!
Last but certainly not least. This song will never get old to me.

Basically just type in Summer Hits of the 2000's on YouTube or spotify for more and enjoy the walk down memory lane. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Crowd Surfing and Finger Pointing

In honor of summer week, I have decided to write about one of my favorite summer events, 
Vans Warped Tour.

Vans Warped Tour started in 1995 as a summertime music festival of alternative artists. The event isn't your average concert. It is held in either fields or parking lots and goes around either the U.S, Canada, Australia, or Europe. The show began to showcase punk music, but has evolved in its later years to involve all kinds of artists. Tons of bands play each date of Warped and play for roughly thirty minute sets, maybe forty five if they are a headliner. You get a taste of whatever artist is performing without getting a general set you might here at one of their other shows. It's wonderful.

Personally, Warped holds a close place in my heart. Warped Tour was the first concert I ever was able to attend. The year was 2012 and I decided to attend because of headlining ska band, Streetlight Manifesto, Lost Prophets (yes, I'm aware the lead singer did since then) and a band I am no longer a huge fan of, Sleeping With Sirens. Regardless, I was blown away by the day in general and 100% sunburnt, exhausted, and overly enthused. I remember surprising my boyfriend at the time with two tickets to the show and being so enthused that is was our first concert together. Granted, the following year at Warped I spent avoiding seeing this same boy, but that's besides the point.

Vans Warped Tour is an experience from the time you get out of the car and arrive at the venue. For me, Warped always falls in the middle of July. It's hot, you're sweating before you even get in line, and no amount of sunscreen can save you from sunburn. There's always people roaming the parking lots either a) trying to sell something or b) claiming to be a monk and asking for donations. These are just some of the things that make Warped, well, Warped. By the time you get to the front of the line to be let into the venue, you've been approached by twenty unsigned artists walking around with headphones asking you to listen to their demo or EP and to buy their album. I love these people probably the most. I also love the random strangers asking me to do shots with them in the parking lot.

I'm gonna set the scene for a moment. You walk in, there's a place to refill water bottles somewhere near you. Dirt is the same as the air you breath. You look around and all the eye can see is little punk boys and girls. Crop tops and high waisted shorts galore, band tees are everywhere, cut off jeans, vans, toms, or converse are the general attire. You're in a crowd, there are about three people crowd surfing above you. If you manage to be front row, the finger pointing is beyond strong. The ska show to your left is kicking up dirt from the skankers and the hardcore show to your left has a circle pit that is creating the equal amount of dirt. Vendors are everywhere selling food, merch, random shit, etc. It's wondrous.

Though the show can get pricey between a ticket, gas money, merch money, and food, my lack of love for sunburn or the summer heat, and the amount of dirt I have to wash out of my hair after every show, I cannot imagine a summer where I did not attend Vans Warped Tour. Hell, it's a gathering of a bunch of good bands who generally hang around and do meet and greets. What's not to love?

This summers goals:

  • chill with Real Friends
  • Crowd Surf to Punk Rock 101 (or Bowling for Soup in general)
  • Skank to Less than Jake
  • Finger Point Fiercely to TSSF

Happy Moshing,
Much Love,

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Meet Me In Diagon Alley

This month we are doing a Summer themed week and what better way to kick it off than to talk about an amazing opportunity for a great vacation?! Do you ever have those moments when you just NEED to get on a plane? Well I've been like that all week because of Universal Studios new expansion to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter; Diagon Alley.

I have always been a little obsessed with Harry Potter since I was in elementary school and getting to visit the Wizarding World in 2010 was one of the coolest things I've ever experienced. Now they have totally stepped up their game 150% with the expansion of Diagon Alley.

So lets talk rides.
YOU CAN RIDE THE HOGWARTS EXPRESS NOW. When I first visited, the Hogwarts Express was just a picture spot when you enter the park but now it is a whole ride. The queue is a replica of the real Kings Cross Station in London, even on the outside! Before entering the station, you can walk around a London street with shops and an interesting purple triple-decker bus parked outside. The station itself is complete with the actual billboard Harry and Dumbledoor look at in the sixth movie AND they even found a way to make it look like you are actually going through the brick wall to get to Platform 9 & 3/4! Then when you get on the train, you are escorted to your compartment where you can see London and the wizarding world as well as some of your favorite characters from the movies out your window and even hear the conversation of three shadows (with very familiar voices) just outside of your compartment!

Now on to the REAL ride. Escape From Gringotts is an indoor, 3D roller coaster through the vaults of Gringotts Bank. I mean how could they NOT make this a ride? It basically is a roller coaster already in the movie. The queue line doesn't start until after you walk through the exact lobby of the bank like we see in Deathly Hallows, complete with animatronic dwarves hard at work behind the counters and a giant chandelier.
 Then once you get your "bank ID" picture taken you start moving through the queue line where portraits have conversations with each other and piles of the Daily Prophet newspapers can be found, with moving pictures of course. Next you go into Bill Weasley's office to get the vault keys before going into an eerie elevator down to the loading dock. What happens after that? I have no idea, no videos of the ride itself have been posted anywhere but I have seen review after review saying that it is unlike anything they have ever experienced on a ride before. Oh yeah, and did I mention that the outside of the ride has a FIRE BREATHING DRAGON ON TOP OF IT?!?

My favorite part of the expansion has to be the Weasly's Wizard Weezes joke shop. Fred and George will always be my favorite characters in the whole series and the idea of actually being able to walk through their shop is amazing. You can also shop in Olivander's Wand Shop, walk through Knockturn Alley to get to Borgin and Burkes, eat lunch at The Leaky Cauldron and so so much more.

I may be a Disney girl at heart, but Harry Potter is just as special to me, so I can not wait until I can visit Diagon Alley because it looks unbelievable.

Heres an overview video from TheDIS :) 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Why Fall Out Boy?

In light of my concert going this evening, I decided to address a question I've been asked many times over the years; why Fall Out Boy? 

Skate and Surf Festival, Six Flags NJ 2013

Fall Out Boy is one of my favorite bands of all time. Forming in 2001, they played a bunch of small gigs with their first album, Take This To Your Grave. To this day, they still close with Saturday which is on this debut album. The band originating from Chicago gained most of their popularity during the era of their second album, From Under The Cork Tree. With hits like Sugar We're Going Down, Dance Dance, and A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me, it's impossible not to love this album.  I remember listening to this album with my cousin and being very oblivious to what the lyrics really meant. Growing up is a marvelous thing, isn't it?

(from left to right)
Pete Wentz (bass), Joe Trohman (guitar), Patrick Stump (vocals), Andy Hurley (drums)
After the making of both Infinity on High and Folie a Deux, the band went on an indefinite hiatus, breaking my heart and the hearts of fans every where. Prior to the hiatus, the band had many great hits including Thnks Fr Th Mmrs, I Don't Care, This Ain't a Scene, etc. Fans everywhere were identifying with the lyrics "Long live the car crash hearts" and feeling like I Don't Care on the outside and What a Catch on the inside. Fall Out Boy is one of the most diverse lyrically that I have ever heard.

From "Dance, Dance."
The four years the band was on hiatus I like to refer to as "the dark years." Loyal fans still listened and hoped that one day the band would reunite. Honestly, during this time is when I really began to fall in love with Fall Out Boy. I followed their lives without the band and cringed every time they denied a reunion. It stung every time they would. However, I remained hopeful. They were too important to me. I remember one of my exes hating the band so much that I refused to speak to him when he would "diss" the band. I couldn't resist feeling a bit irrational. Good thing he realized this early on and he even bought me a FOB shirt he found at a thrift shop. Guess he had it bad for me, huh?

From the "Save Rock and Roll Tour"
Well, that relationship ended and a new one started to form. What did it form over? A mutual bond over a common workplace, a love for slushies, and Fall Out Boy. At this point, the band hadn't made a comeback yet. I remember joking around with friends over Taylor Swift's hit at the time We are Never, Ever, Ever Getting Back Together was about the Fall Out Boy hiatus. I mean afterall, Swift is a big FOB fan. February 4th is the day that everything changed. It was the day after the super bowl and nothing exciting was happening. It was an average Monday morning at Foran High School and I was attending class like any other day.  Said boy texted me asking me if I had been online. It was 9:00 am. I obviously hadn't considering I didn't have a smart phone at this time. He sent me a screen shot of Pete's tweet with the link. I went to my nearest computer and went into overdrive mood. I was beyond excited and didn't know what to do with myself. I did everything I could in the middle of class to listen to My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark and succeeded. I ran around all day with a smile on my face. I told all my FOB loving friends the good news and we desperately attempted to get tickets for their NYC show the day after (and failed but still). That same day my marketing teacher happened to ask how much money we would spend on concert tickets. My immediate response? That limit does not exist.

Young Volcanoes
That same night of February 4th that boy asked me to be his girlfriend because it was just fitting. I said yes. Since then we broke up, but it was time with him I do not regret. I got to see FOB for the first time at Skate and Surf Festival with the boy, and three of my best friends. To this day, that concert was one of the best days of my life. I luckily got to attend the Save Rock and Roll Tour twice. FOB played with my other favorite, Panic! at the Disco in an event that I couldn't handle. It was world changing for me. Fall Out Boy puts on one of the best shows I have ever seen. Their songs are impossible to not identify with. Their personalities are likable and they are down to earth, funny guys. This band has done so much for me and has changed me for the better. If I'm sad, Fall Out Boy is there. If I am in a good mood, Fall Out Boy is there. Narcissistic? Yup, they got a song for that too. I can't help but still get excited to see them tonight, though this will be my fourth time seeing them since the hiatus ended a year and a half ago. They appreciate the fans even though there are so many. They took time to themselves to build, and now there is no stopping them. I'm sorry to go on, but they truly deserve all the love and recognition they are getting.

So why Fall Out Boy? 
Even when on hiatus, there has never been a day when Fall Out Boy wasn't there for me.


Much love,

Friday, June 20, 2014

Why I Want To Be Like Lauren Conrad

Growing up in the early 2000's I, like most girls, loved some really ridiculous things. Like denim mini skirts, layering camis under Hollister T-shirts, putting rhinestones all over my flip phone and drooling over the Jonas Brothers. While I regret and cringe at most of the things I did as a middle schooler, one thing I do not regret is becoming obsessed with the show Laguna Beach on MTV. That's because Laguna Beach was the first time I was introduced to Lauren Conrad.

Lauren Conrad has become one of my biggest inspirations and role models. She started out on Laguna Beach as a high schooler and then moved on to The Hills, which she eventually left before the show ended in 2010. Some of you may be wondering why my idol is a former MTV reality star, but I will explain. 

LC by Lauren Conrad for Kohls
One reason is that she is determined to be successful in life for other things besides being the star of The Hills. Lauren became a designer in 2008 with the debut of The Lauren Conrad Collection and expanded in 2009 with her second line"LC by Lauren Conrad" for Kohls. Today she still has her Kohls line as well as a more upscale line called Paper Crown. She has also been on the covers of huge fashion magazines like Teen Vogue, Marieclare, People StyleWatch, and Allure. She is also a best selling author of the series LA Candy and her fashion and beauty books.

Another reason why I look up to Lauren is that she has found a way to stay relevant without jumping from one reality show to the next. She left The Hills in 2009 because she wanted to focus more on her life off screen, There have been some scenes – extra scenes that may never come out – of me getting upset, taking my mic off and locking myself in my room,” she says. “There was a time I was really stressed, and would get sick a lot. I think all of Season Three!” She never got too caught up in her reality show fame, unlike some of her costars like Spencer and Heidi Pratt who went on to do shows like I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and are still trying to stay relevant with tv specials that just end up making them the butt of everyone's jokes. Lauren has been able to stay relevant through her work. Her clothing lines and books as well as her blog which includes recipies, DIY projects, a book club, and of course fashion tips! Her blog is actually a huge reason why I was inspired to start my own. 

I've said it a million times, when I grow up I want to be the perfect combination of Mindy Kaling and Lauren Conrad. I think that they are both really successful women that all young girls should look up to. And after meeting Lauren last year, I can confirm that she is as beautiful, nice and perfect as you can imagine. 

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lilly Pulitzer Flower Tutorial

Hey guys! Sorry I missed Monday but like I said the other day, I've had some family stuff going on but I'm back with a post I think you're going to really like! 

I am totally obsessed with Lilly Pulitzer and I've always wanted to paint one of her patterns so I taught myself how to paint her classic pink roses and now I'm gonna show you how in just 4 easy steps! 

First I painted the K white and put light pink circles where the flowers were going to be.

Next I added some details to the circles with different shades of pink.

Then using two shades of green, I added some leaves.

Then finally I carefully pained around the flowers with a light blue and that's it! 

Hope this helps you! I'm going to be doing a lot more DIY posts cause I'm pretty obsessed with DIY projects at the moment. 
Have a great day and enjoy this beautiful weather!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Half Hour in the Life

I find myself curled up in bed on this Tuesday night.  It's just after 9:30, but I've been home the majority of the night. It is my day off from ShopRite though, so I should have made plans I suppose.  Something told me to stay in tonight and I guess I'm glad I did.  Like most couples, my parents got into a feud tonight. Nothing too outrageous happened. Hell, the fight was over something stupid, but one small comment made from my father really struck my mother. She needed a support system and I was around. I'm no good with knowing the right thing to say. I know how to share a chocolate bar and how to pat on the back while saying "there, there." I start to wonder why the hell isn't my sister here? You know, the one who actually majored in social work and is good with giving advice and saying the right thing?

It's now 9:45. I'm still in bed and I have a beagle on my feet. I think pets are the best comfort system. I don't like to hear my parents fight. I don't like to see my mother upset. I don't like to see my father so angry. The dogs always seem to get when I have any sort of distress and they tend to come around. Thank god for whatever sense that is.

It's 9:50. I cannot help my laugh as that same said dog who left my bed while I was typing that comes running back in with my mother's bra in his mouth. He's back to laying down after I repeatedly tell him that "that's not nice," or "that's not his." He's a baby. He'll learn eventually. Well, I hope.

It's 9:55. The Big Bang Theory has been playing since since the beginning of this post. It was an episode about dating and a wedding. It was silly and obviously a filler episode, but still. I think it's good for life's little distraction. They're healthy. They keep us sane when reality isn't something we want to deal with. Whether it's the fact of bickering family members or the fact I have to wake up early to open up the courtesy desk.

It's 10:00. I rest my case.
Much Love,

Sunday, June 15, 2014

a beginning of the week pick me up.

I really have nothing of relevance to say today besides a quick happy father's day to all you dads out there.  Besides that, I figured we needed a beginning of the week pick me up. It seems that most people, including myself, have been in a slump lately so it seemed needed.  Also, puppies are very important.

For the love of God, go cuddle your dog if you have one. If not, go find a friend with a dog, and cuddle it okay? deal.
me and the bae

Much Love,