Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Half Hour in the Life

I find myself curled up in bed on this Tuesday night.  It's just after 9:30, but I've been home the majority of the night. It is my day off from ShopRite though, so I should have made plans I suppose.  Something told me to stay in tonight and I guess I'm glad I did.  Like most couples, my parents got into a feud tonight. Nothing too outrageous happened. Hell, the fight was over something stupid, but one small comment made from my father really struck my mother. She needed a support system and I was around. I'm no good with knowing the right thing to say. I know how to share a chocolate bar and how to pat on the back while saying "there, there." I start to wonder why the hell isn't my sister here? You know, the one who actually majored in social work and is good with giving advice and saying the right thing?

It's now 9:45. I'm still in bed and I have a beagle on my feet. I think pets are the best comfort system. I don't like to hear my parents fight. I don't like to see my mother upset. I don't like to see my father so angry. The dogs always seem to get when I have any sort of distress and they tend to come around. Thank god for whatever sense that is.

It's 9:50. I cannot help my laugh as that same said dog who left my bed while I was typing that comes running back in with my mother's bra in his mouth. He's back to laying down after I repeatedly tell him that "that's not nice," or "that's not his." He's a baby. He'll learn eventually. Well, I hope.

It's 9:55. The Big Bang Theory has been playing since since the beginning of this post. It was an episode about dating and a wedding. It was silly and obviously a filler episode, but still. I think it's good for life's little distraction. They're healthy. They keep us sane when reality isn't something we want to deal with. Whether it's the fact of bickering family members or the fact I have to wake up early to open up the courtesy desk.

It's 10:00. I rest my case.
Much Love,

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