Thursday, June 26, 2014

Big Brother

So it can't be summer week without me talking about my summer obsession Big Brother. I become totally obsessed with the show a few years ago and I have no shame. I become totally involved with it every summer, it's on 3 nights a week and I can't help but stalk hashtags on twitter or follow the live feeds online whenever I can. The season premier was last night and boy do I have things to day about it.

Last night was only part one of the two part premier which continues tonight and the game has already changed. Host Julie Chen already warned us that it would be the "most twisted season of Big Brother ever" including a new twist to the Head of Household's role and something called team america that basically creates an alliance between the viewer and 1 (or more?) house guest where the viewer basically plays sims and tells the house guest what to do. Another twist was that we only met 6 house guests last night, who competed and named a HoH and we'll meet the other 6 tonight and they too will compete and name an HoH. Not really sure what any of that means yet but I guess we'll find out.

Even though we only met 6 house guests last night, I already have a favorite and so much more to say about the others. So let's start with the favorite.
Frankie. Grande. 

Okay so I loved Frankie before he was on big brother so I already knew he was going to be my favorite before the season started since I have been subscribed to him on YouTube for so long. Also he is Ariana Grande's big brother which is also pretty cool. He won HoH last night after Amber pretty obviously threw the competition. He's so funny and crazy but the only thing I'm worried about is if he wins HoH and gets the suite, he will get pictures from home which will probably include some of him and Ariana even though he is trying to hide that they are related....
If you haven't watched any of Frankie's videos on youtube you definitely need to!

My least favorite this season is 100% Paola. 
I hated her the minute she showed up in her introduction clip. She is a bad mix of last years infamous house guests GinaMarie and Aaryn. She is stuck up and obsessed with herself and she's obsessed with having a showmance with Cody and I can't help but think that she is just going to pull a dramatic tantrum the minute he gets evicted just like GM did over nick last season. SHE IS SO ANNOYING AND I AM SO DONE WITH TALKING ABOUT HER PLEASE LET HER GET EVICTED SOON!!!

I don't really have anything to say about the other house guests yet but I will warn you that if you follow me on twitter you need to prepare yourself for my #BB16 live tweets. 

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