Friday, June 27, 2014

How to Survive Summer 101

Lately, I've been trying to convince myself that being home for a whole summer is okay. After the past year away at school, being home feels almost unbearable at times. Questions like how did I do this for so long come into mind and what do you mean I can't put a restraining order on my family because they don't knock before they come into my room??!? Maybe my patience is low because I've been sick and have hardly any voice. As a lady who likes to speak, this is the biggest tragedy. Anywho, here's my survival skills for this summer.

  1. WORK. gosh, if you're a college student, you should probably be working a summer job anyways, but this is the best oasis away from anything that may be nagging you at home. Let customers nag you and then your family won't seem so bad!
  2. DRIVE. most likely, you got your license in high school and probably even have your own car. If this is the case, take that car and just go on a drive somewhere. Don't worry about the gas prices because this is a good escape. Put on a good album and just go. 
  3. HEADPHONES. music sounds better through them anyways. Want to not hear any background noise in your house? Put these bad boys in and let the private vacation begin.
  4. HIGH SCHOOL FRIENDS.  this is an obvious one. You left these buddies behind when you left for school last fall. They're most likely still around and are back from school as well. You have a bunch of stories to exchange, go get started.
  5. INVITE SOMEONE OVER. new friends, old friends, you are less likely to have to interact with the rest of the household when you have someone over. And even if you're family does show an interest, DO NOT STRESS! They generally just want to ask how the friend is doing and trust me, it's no harm and lay off. Not everything the household does is negative.
  6. DIY PROJECTS. have a vision of how you want your room at home to look or your future dorm room? Well, get started on making the accessories. A vision is one thing, an actual project is another. I know I personally don't want my dorm to look the same all four years and already have plans for my room in the fall (be prepared, Kasey!)
  7. COOK. cooking is relaxing, delicious, and a great time killer. Most likely, you can even offer to make dinner for the whole family and get on everyone's good side. This is always an added bonus. Also you can grill which is a fun activity to do with friends. Me and my boys have done this several times this summer with great success.
  8. GO OUT TO EAT. my favorite thing to spend my paycheck on. Go with friends, siblings, parents, or even yourself, you deserve a treat where you don't have to be over a hot stove. Also, it's too hot to cook go eat.
  9. FIND A POOL. the perfect stay-cation. Whether you or a friend has one, just get to it, put on some sunscreen, a cute bathing suit, and relax. Swimming is fun, tanning can cause enjoyment, just have at it! For added entertainment, get a water gun. This is also a great date idea.
  10. BREATH! lastly, just remember it's not that bad. Your family loves you, and they miss you when you're gone. Being home isn't all that bad. When you get irritated just remember you are going back to school in the fall, and you won't be around your family for a few months. You will miss them and you will get homesick. You'll be sick of dining hall food, tests, and overloaded with homework. Your time home shouldn't be wasted, but when you need to take a breather, remember to do so.
if all else fails, drive off into the sunset like the bad bitch you are.
Happy Summer Vacation,
Much Love,

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