Friday, June 13, 2014

How To Tolerate Work Uniforms

During that time between the day you turn 16 and the day you finally turn in your big girl or boy pants and get a so called "real job," you generally will have to tolerate a work uniform.  Retail stores, grocery stores, food establishments, fine dining, you name it, you generally are wearing a work uniform.  My sincere apologies if your uniform is atrocious.  I know for the two jobs I have had, they both weren't attractive in the least bit.
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Needless to say, neither looks were great at all.  It also sucks a lot that I'm not allowed to wear my beloved nose ring if I'm wearing that lovely green smock. Also, most of these minimum wage jobs do not allow exposed tattoos. LAME. Being a fashion major, the world place uniform is my worst nightmare. In order to get by, here's some tips I live by.
  1. If you have your nose pierced and your work place doesn't allow it, do not stress. Some places allow a stud as opposed to a hoop. Also, they sell "invisible" nose studs that act as place holders during a shift. This way, you don't have to worry about the piercing closing up or getting rid of it.
  2. I hate looking like every other worker, but my grocery store job doesn't have a strict dress code for shoes.  I tend to wear bright colored flats, or nicer shoes just to add some variety.
  3. While working at a restaurant, you tend to have to keep your hair up and out of your face. Hygiene, yes?  I always tried to have my hair in a neat ballerina bun or have a braid in the mess of hair somewhere to add some character.
  4. Makeup IS your friend.  I get that going to work isn't all that fun, but add some spark by having your makeup done. Especially if you can't wear your hair a certain way or have a very strict dress code.
  5. Accessories are good!  Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, whatever you can think of, generally falls into line with dress code.
  6. If you're uniform requires jeans, spice it up! For my grocery store gig, the rule of thumb is blue or black jeans or anything defined as "nicer."  I tend to switch it up with an acid wash pair, skinny pair, what have you, to make it fun for myself.
  7. To add to above, if you are required to wear "nice" black pants, you can generally get away with black leggings or black yoga pants as long as your work shirt covers the fold on top.
  8. To add again, if your work place is jeans, you can also get away with the leggings and yoga pants rule.  Just don't push it.
  9. If you gotta wear a tie, learn fun ways to knot! I've seen countless coworkers do they craziest knots just to add some spice.  I love it!
  10. Also for the tie rule, if you cannot knot well, get a cool color or design if allowed. 
  11. Have your nails painted! I love bright nails and I generally get compliments when I have my nails done. BTW with this one, the little old ladies tend to love it. 
  12. If all else fails, just own the ugly uniform! If you have confidence, the uniform doesn't even matter. Besides, this probably isn't going to be your last job, or your dream job, so remember, it's only temporary.
Much love,

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