Monday, June 30, 2014

June Favorites

As June comes to an end and we move on to (the best month of the year) July I wanted to take an opportunity to talk about some things that I have been obsessing over this last month.

Lilly Pulitzer came out with her 2014-15 planners this month and I am obsessed. I love my Lilly planner and would honestly be so lost without it most of the time. The designs for this year are beautiful and the planners come in 4 different sizes! I still haven't decided which one I want for September because I love them all!
Get yours today at

Essie's Van D'go 
I first fell in love with this color in December but it looks so much better with a good tan. The peachy/pink color is not as intense as last year's coral but I'm absolutely obsessed.
(Order on Amazon)

Peek A Boo Studs 
I found these while scrolling through the Francesca's website to make my birthday list and I NEED ALL OF THEM. I'm not the kind of girl to go crazy with big earrings and I usually wear my pearls all the time but these are so cool and I have never seen anything like them before!
Get the Laos Studs HERE and the Makena Studs HERE
(only $12 and $14!!)

Pleated Textured Skirts
When I first saw these skirts in the store I just ignored them because i didn't think they would look good but after seeing #ootd after #ootd of people wearing them and really pulling them off I have come to love them. (The purple one is on my birthday list in-case you were wondering what to buy me). 
Find these HERE

Target is a magical place and when I walk in I pretty much look like that gif. I'm sure that one day I will make a whole post about it but for now I'm just going to talk about how amazing the $1-$3 section is. Sure a lot of it is junk but the last few times I've shopped at Target I've left with something cute from that wonderful corner of the store. I bought two adorable journals for $1 each that i use everyday to write down post ideas and today i bought some $3 tumblers that look like they could have been from PINK. 

What were some of your favorite things this month? Let me know in the comments!
See you IN JULY! :)

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