Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lyrics to Live By

I think all of us need a pick me up now and again.  Many people find outlets in exercise, cooking, DIY projects, for me, my outlet is music and concerts.  I know this has been said time and time again but music has honestly saved me some days.  Hell, I even have a tattoo of a song that has picked me up out of my slump time and time again.  I was in such a slump in February, that when a free show came up in Boston and I had no one to go with, I went alone.  Music is my medicine and it always has been.  Here's to sending some positivity to a catchy beat.

Local Man Ruins Everything - The Wonder Years
Now this is a bit stereotypical of a pop punk fan to put this song on the list, but I really cannot resist. It's also more stereotypical for me to say this lyric is one I want tattoo'd on me, but I rest my case.

Northern Downpour - Panic! at the Disco
This is the song I have tattoo'd on my left thigh.  This song has pulled me out from some not very good places in my life and I'm proud to walk around each day with it on me.

The Wild Bunch - Fireworks
Fun, silly, and 100% necessary to listen to when in a slump.  This is my favorite Fireworks song and seeing them perform it live was one of my favorite concert moments.

Skipping Stone - Transit
Transit has a top spot on my favorite band list and at one of their shows I was front row and the lead singer sang this directly at me and I have it one video. Classic.

Rock Bottom - Modern Baseball
This song just makes me happy and idk it's just easy to relate with.  Modern Baseball is just one of those bands I put on when I'm not in a great mood and they make me laugh.

Those are just some tunes that put me in a good mood.  In all seriousness, find a handful of songs that pull you out of a slump, have them on your phone or a mixed CD or whatever and play them whenever you need that pick me up.  Music is important and music isn't going anywhere.  I know Kasey and I tend to post a lot of playlist posts, but that's just a reminder of how important music really is.

Much Love,

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