Friday, June 6, 2014


I know that Disney week is over but I just really need to talk about Maleficent. 

This. Movie. Was. Amazing.
I loved it. I went into it with some doubts, I read some not-so-good reviews about it and I was worried but I went to see it on Tuesday night in IMAX and wow. 

Sleeping Beauty was never one of my "top" princesses when I was little but as I have gotten older I have a new love for it. I was so excited when I heard that there was going to be a movie about Maleficent because if you really think about it, she kinda had no reason to curse Aurora in the original, other than the fact that she wasn't invited to the christening.  I mean I have had my moments of anger after not being invited somewhere, but I have never been that upset about it.

The beginning was awesome and really helped to set up the story. The CGI was beautiful, which one would expect from the man behind Avatar. (I also had some major hair envy with young Maleficent). The back story about "true loves kiss" was brilliant and when her wings were stolen I actually cringed in my seat because I felt so horrible for her. They did such a great job in showing why she became so wicked.
But that was only the beginning. 

The great thing about this movie was that it didn't shine Maleficent in a negative light. They could have easily have mad it all about how horrible she was but instead they turned it all around. I absolutely loved that she was watching over Aurora her whole life, not to hurt her, but to basically raise her. All of the trouble she caused was towards the fairies who were taking care of Aurora and it was merely for her entertainment. The idea that is was Maleficent who saved Aurora in the end was brilliant especially because they were able to do it in a way that wasn't super cheesy. 

Obviously Angelina was perfect and blah blah blah but my favorite part of the whole movie was Diaval. He was a raven that Maleficent saved and turned human, in return he became her spy when it came to what was happening in the castle. He was always at her side and was able to become whatever animal she needed him to be, although he wasn't always happy about it. He was basically Maleficent's conscience and after spending every day together for 16 years watching over Aurora they became like a bickering old married couple. He was funny, arrogant and cute (for a guy who is really a bird). Basically I would choose him over Prince Charming any day. 

A few random points:
- Prince Phillip kinda looked like Liam Payne
- What was the point of changing Flora, Fauna and Merryweather's names to Fittle, Thistlewit and Knotgrass....?
- Knotgrass was played by Professor Umbridge, does she always have to wear pink in her movies?
- King Stefan really sounded like Davey Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean 

Overall I loved this movie, especially since I wasn't really expecting it to be as good as it was. It was definitely one I want to go see it again and I will be buying when it's out on DVD. 

Have a great weekend!
((Go see Maleficent or The Fault In Our Stars!))

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