Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer Loving

Summertime is a typical time for romance and the occasional summer fling. Love is in the air and everyone seems willing to catch it. I tend to come off as harsh when the topic of men come up, but deep down, I'm a hopeless romantic. To quote the song, Aside, " love with love and lousy poetry." Honestly, the quickest way too my heart is a Rita's italian ice and a bad pun to go with it. I'll probably propose to you on the spot. I guess Grease got into all of our heads from a young age, but regardless, summer romances can be quite fun and can really sweep you off your feet. 

Enough sap, here's cute date ideas to wrap up summer week for me!
  1. Beach date! So stereotypical, but always a classic. There is nothing easier than two beach blankets, a cooler filled with goodies and the summer sun to bring two closer together.
  2. Frisbee Tossing! Wait until later in the evening when it's a bit cooler, but this can spark some light competition and that's always fun.
  3. Water Gun Fight! Go to your local toy store, buy two water guns, and you can guess the rest. Run around, enjoy the weather, just be silly. Silliness is my favorite trait, personally.
  4. Campfire Cuddling! Buy s'more ingredients, make a fire pit, and just relax in the crisp summer nights. You may even grab a blanket for added adorableness.
  5. Air Condition Bliss! Too hot to even think of doing anything outdoors? Stay in, put on a stupid movie, and put the AC on nice and low. This way, you'll be forced closer because you'll be -gasp- cold!
  6. Hiking Endeavors! Like the person enough to get nice and sweaty? Then this is a great idea and great exercise. Also, you get to look at their butt if they hike in front of you. Always a bonus.
  7. Fruit Ninja! Slice up some fruit and make yourselves a nice fruit salad. It's too hot to cook anything else, let's get real.
  8. Grilling Babes! On the contrary, you can always take the kitchen outside and have some burgers and hot dogs. Quick, easy, little mess, always successful.
Of course, if worse comes to worse, you can always have a mall date, movie date, or dinner date. There's nothing wrong with these, of course, but they can happen anytime of the year. Just remember the difference between a fling and actual romance and you'll be well on your way to enjoying your summer with a significant other! Just know, you are young and whatever happens in the next few months may not matter in a few years. So ENJOY who you are with. Do stupid stuff. Be cute, fall in love, make mistakes, and LEARN. 

Much love,
P.S.But, oh those summer nights

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