Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer Reading Doesn't Suck Anymore!

When I was in elementary-high school getting my summer reading assginment was the worst thing ever. It was always a list of books that maybe weren't that bad but because you had to read them it was like cruel and unusual punishment. I mean who gives homework on summer vacation?! Then when you started school in the fall, chances were that your English teacher would maybe give you a 5 question quiz on the book or they wouldn't even do anything about it because they hated it as much as you did. Basically it sucked. 

But now that I'm in college I don't have a summer reading assignment and I actually get to read books that I want to read. I have said it before, but sitting out by my pool with a good book is one of my favorite things to do over the summer. So I wanted to share some of my favorite "summer reading" books!

1. Paper Towns by John Green
Obviously John Green is HUGE right now because of the success of The Fault In Our Stars which I talked a little about on Tuesday. John is also the author of a few other amazing novels including Looking For Alaska, An Abundance of Kathrines, and my personal favorite - Paper Towns. Paper Towns is the story of Q, a nerdy highs school senior who goes on a road trip to find his childhood best friend/most popular girl in school when she goes missing the night before their graduation.
I was first given this book as a Christmas gift a few years ago and finished it in three days. As you can see my copy is full of over 25 sticky notes marking some of my favorite lines. It is so well written and awesome that I would recommend it to anyone.
(Also John just sold the movie rights and the movie is set to star Nat Wolff as Q so if you read it now you can get ahead of the crowd)

2. White Girl Problems by Babe Walker
I have already written about this book before but it is worth writing about again. White Girl Problems is one of the funniest and craziest books I have ever read and I always recommend it to all of my friends. It is the story of Babe Walker, a rich-off-of-daddy's-money 20-something-year-old struggling with love, drugs and the pursuit of chic. She is the woman behind the popular @WhiteGirlProblems account on twitter and her life is full of crazy stories of celebrity parties, ridiculous shopping trips and losing her virginity to her gay best friend. I just finished the sequel "Psychos" which was equally as brilliant and I would recommend this book to anyone with a sense of humor. 

3. The Summer I Turned Pretty - Jenny Han
Okay so this book, and the two that follow it (It's Not Summer Without You and We'll Always Have The Summer) are you typical, YA summer love story novels but they are SO GOOD. I Bought The Summer I
Turned Pretty on a whim two summers ago when it was on sale for $4 at the paper store and I couldn't stop reading it, I eventually bought the next two on m kindle and finished them in about 2 weeks. I'm a sucker for a good love story and what girl doesn't dream of an adorable summer fling that is straight out of the movies? Laugh all you want, but as cheesy as these books sound, they are definitely worth your time. also this is the perfect example of why you should always look at clearance book racks.

4. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling

As it says in my about me page, I want to be the perfect mix of Lauren Conrad and Mindy Kaling when I grow up. I love Mindy so much. I think she is hysterical and beautiful and someone I just really want to be friends with. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me is a collection of stories from Mindy's life, from growing up in Boston, to getting into show business and even a chapter full of selfies she had saved on her phone. It is best explained by the author herself in the introduction of the book where she writes "I wrote this book in a way that reflects the way I think. Sometimes, it's an essay or story, and sometimes it's a pliest, which is a piece with a list-y quality, a term I've just made up." I read this book in 2 days during a snow storm this past winter break and it only made me love her more. I highly recommend this if you like to laugh.  

5. Girls In White Dresses - Jennifer Close I started reading this book at the end of last summer and only just finished it because of school. I got the recommendation from Lauren Conrad's book club and I really really liked it. It is the story of 3 friends trying to live life in the "real world" post-college they struggle with love, family and careers while attending a never ending cycle of of bridal showers and weddings. Basically it is what happens when you leave school with big dreams and then realize that life outside of the college bubble is actually a lot harder than it sounds. I would recommend it to college age or 20-something girls. 

leave some of your favorite books in the comments for me to check out!
Have a great day!

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