Monday, July 28, 2014

A Very Sleepy Update

Hi guys! So today's post is going to be pretty lame because this weekend was nuts for me and I am seriously falling asleep just writing this. Saturday was my big family birthday party which was awesome, especially because I got to see two of my best friends from school for the fist time since May. My family is crazy and so fun and I couldn't have asked for a better day. Then yesterday was my actual birthday and I spent it in the city with my friends and some yummy cheesecake. This morning I had to wake up at like 6:30 (which is earlier than I have woken up in months) so I could take the T home, but my mom was stuck in traffic to pick me up at the train station and I sat on the humid platform for about an hour watching people run to catch their trains to get to work. I got home around 10:00 and I honestly haven't moved off of my couch since, but after my crazy week last week I am 100% okay spending my first official day as a 19 year old watching movies and painting my nails. 

BUT I'm planning a few great posts for this week, including a new outfit post with an amazing dress that my family gave me as a birthday gift! Also Lea and I have some exciting things coming up for you in August that we really think you're going to love!

Sorry this was so boring but I'm too tired to be creative right now. 
See you Wednesday! 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Some Summer Time Thoughts

  1. I hate the heat with a burning passion of a thousand suns.
  2. Why the fuck is it so hot?
  3. How the hell does my leg hair grow so fast?
  4. If I don't shave my legs will people mistake me for a chimpanzee?
  5. What do you mean I cannot wear leggings?
  6. Putting on sunscreen sucks.
  7. That's what my feet look like in flip flops?
  8. Why is my ass sticking to my pants?
  9. Where are my sunglasses?
  10. Why is my hair ten times its normal size?
  11. Why didn't I wear my hair up today?
  12. I refuse to wear pants until I speak to my lawyer
  13. Can I bathe in ice?
  14. I get the whole cold shower thing now.
  15. My tan line is uneven
  16. Will I ever leave work?
  17. I miss my sweaters
  18. ...and my crewnecks
  19. What do you mean I can't wear a beanie?
  20. Next summer I will look good in a crop top.
  21. Does my AC work better than this?
  22. ...Seriously does it?
  23. Do I have my bikini body yet?
  24. ...Please?
  25. Fuck it.

If you couldn't tell, I'm over summer.
Bring me Fall.
Much love,
P.S. fuck I miss sweaters

Thursday, July 24, 2014

#ootd Accidental Sea Witch


Top ~ Francesca's Shorts ~ JCrew
Necklace ~ Francesca's Shoes ~ TJMaxx

Yesterday as part of my birthday week festivities, my mom and I went to see The Little Mermaid at the Northshore Music Theater. When I was shopping the other day I found this adorable tank top and necklace on sale and paired it with my favorite JCrew shorts. It wasn't until I had the whole outfit together later that I realized I basically was Disneybounding as Ursula. This is my first official Disneybound outfit and it seemed appropriate for the occasion. The show was awesome but I'm also biased because The Little Mermaid has always been my favorite!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Some Fucking Pop-Punk Post

This past month has been an absolute AMAZING time for music for me. Especially since Warped Tour last Sunday and has been uphill from there. I love music and it has always been very important to me. Certain bands, like Panic! at the Disco, have kept me out of some dark places in the past. My spending money is normally spent on concert tickets and I wouldn't have it any other way. Hell, I almost drove 45 minutes to go see Have Mercy by myself last night if that proves anything to you. Anywho, here are some bands that are on my current radar.


So yesterday was Real Friends official release of their first LP, Maybe This Place Is the Same and We're Just Changing, and I am just finishing my first full listen through. If love at first listen is a thing, well I am in love. I've been fortunate enough to see this band twice and both times they have wow'd me. They are humble and you can feel the love in the way they preform. If you like pop-punk and haven't listened to Real Friends, I am worried about your soul. Honestly.


Have you ever felt personally victimized by a band not playing a show near you? Well, this happened to me with Warped Tour. Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties played four days of Warped and it happened to be only two days before my show. In other words, I missed this master piece. Nonetheless, Dan Campbell (of The Wonder Years) has done a phenomenal job with this side project. Aaron West is a character created by the front man and the album is the story of his life. It's relatable and rips at your heart strings. If you haven't listened to the LP, We Don't Have Each Other, for the love of Jesus do so. 


Okay, Hostage Calm surprised their fans yesterday by announcing their third LP, Die on Stage. With the announcement came a new song and music video for the song "Your Head/ Your Heart." The video is in the style of a 1960s band and the boys are dressed to the nines. Hostage Calm is from my home state and I love good CT punk (I mean who doesn't?) I am overly excited for their new album and am sure it will compare to their two other albums which I have played more times than I want to admit. Back to the new release, this song is catchy, cute, and you can't help but droll a little about how good they look in suits. (I am so not sorry for writing that oops)


Last but by no means the least is Transit. Transit is a band out of Boston and by now, you should all know how close I hold Boston to my heart. I've been lucky enough to see Transit four times (tied for the most times with Fall Out Boy) and they just get better and better each time. Now, Transit hasn't released new material since their acoustic EP, Futures & Sutures. Anywho, Transit has announced they are releasing a new album but have no release date or preorder as of now. As a HUGE Transit fan this is slowly killing me on the inside and I am checking their page almost daily for when they announce the preorder. They have tweeted that the album is finished so pray the preorder is announced soon (for my own sanity.)

Happy Listening,
Stay Punk,
Much Love,

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Land of Beaches and Kennedys

Hi everyone! So my family and I decided to take a mini vacation to Cape Cod for a few days while my dad was working down there and I was so excited because I had never been to the Cape in my life so here is a photo diary of how I spent my first time! 
Packing for one night is not easy at the last minute. I packed a bunch of random stuff I didn't need and forgot important things like pajamas....... oops
Yes I am turning 19 in a few days and yes I still bring my Eeyore Pillowpet with me on long car rides. Don't judge.

Our first stop was to get ice cream. I got a flavor called Olaf's Frozen Summer solely because I miss Disney.
We didn't have time to actually go to the beach so I may have made my dad pull over so I could at least put my feet in the water. 
Casual mini golf date with my boyfriend Jack Sparrow ;)
The next morning my brother and I watched Supernatural because it just felt right since we were staying in a kinda shitty motel.
You can't expect me to visit the cape without doing something Kennedy related.
Then we had dinner on the water before getting in the car to come home (ft. my brother)

It was short and sweet but still really nice. I finally get why so many people love the cape and would always freak out when I would say that I had never been before. Hopefully next time I go I can stay longer and actually go to the beach!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Hi Friends.

So today was mad busy for me and I'm way too tired to think of something creative to write for todays post so here's a picture of my dog because everyone loves sweater weather and I'm personally getting sick of the heat.

Much Love,
P.S. sorry

Saturday, July 19, 2014

My Summer Staples

Since I am a fashion major, I am going to try to do more fashion posts and now is as good of a time as any! I don't spend a lot on my wardrobe so I wanted to so off some items I've gotten on a budget. None of these cost me over $30 and the majority are from clearance.  My suggestion is to always search the clearance even if it looks bleak. I almost always find at least one item I can take home from there. Here are some of my own personal summer staples that I just gotta have in wardrobe this time of year.

honorable mentions (not pictured) also include acid wash high-waisted shorts, pink cotton skater skirt, blue crop top, and new orange sandals.

Floral Denim Dress - Urban Outfitters
Cheerleader Skirt - Forever 21
Mustard Flannel - PacSun 
Orange Mary Jane Shoes - Urban Outfitters
Parrot Pink Shorts - Forever 21

Polka Dot Skater Skirt - Forever 21
Shapeless Floral Dress - Forever 21

Happy Dressing,
Much Love,

Friday, July 18, 2014

How to Save Money Without Wanting to Cry

Everyone knows that college is expensive, not just tuition and books, but just college in general. Basically if you want to do anything besides sleep, eat in the dining hall and go to class, you probably need some money.
 Before I was in college going to Boston meant shopping, but spending almost every weekend in the city during the school year had me avoiding places like Newbury Street or the Prudential Center because riding the T and making late night grocery store runs had me like:
I always hated calling my parents to ask for money and the small bonuses I would occasionally get in the mail from my job back home brought a few happy tears to my eyes, but this year I vowed to be different. I refuse to make the same mistakes that I did last year and I want to help you do the same. So here is one way I am saving money this summer without even noticing!

Before we went to Disney last year my mom was scrolling on Pinterest and found this trick that she used to save some spending money for the trip. From October to April she ended up saving almost $500. I started using the same trick last month and I have close to $70 saved already. The only rule? 

Never spend a $5 bill. 

Yes you read that right. Go ahead and forget that the $5 bill even exists because that is literally all you need to do. Every time you receive a five, whether it's in your paycheck or some change given to you from a cashier, put it away. You could put it in a piggy bank, a sketchy looking envelope or just decorate a mason jar like me! 

When I was trying to figure out how to save money this summer I wanted to cry. I already don't make a lot at my current job and how was I supposed to save money without having at least some to spend before going back to school? Whenever my mom told me to use this trick I said it would be too hard. That was, until I ended up taking her advice. I thought that I would really notice losing $5 but honestly, it is not that big of a deal. As long as I put it away as soon as I get it, I don't miss it. The only time it really hurts is with things like "the $20 cup of coffee" when the lovely baristas at Starbucks give me all fives for change.

And you don't just have to do it with fives! You could do it with any amount of money, I just like to use fives because they add up fast but are also small enough that you don't miss them when they're gone. 

Seriously people, try it. I promise it will help you and you'll be thanking me when you actually have money to order late night Chinese food or even pay your cab fare!

Happy saving and I will see you next week!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

We Need To Have Another Talk

This post is partially in response to my post over a month ago titled #YesAllWomen.  Lately, in the media, there has been controversy about a company being able to deny coverage for birth control. As a young lady, it's hard not to take this topic to heart. Whether you believe in taking the prescription yourself or not, there's a few major flaws with the argument countering the pill.

First off, why the hell does it matter to you? If a woman chooses to take the pill, it doesn't affect you, it affects her. The pill DOES change the way a woman's body works. It can mess with her menstrual cycle, cause bloating, and stomach sickness. Before taking any sort of medication, a person should consider the risks. Hell, there are risks of viagra (not that I concern myself with them seeing as I lack a penis) but I don't see any protests against the popular erection pill.

Secondly, birth control isn't just used for pregnancy prevention. OF COURSE, that is a major part of it. The pill also helps with cramps, acne, period irregularity, etc. LET'S BE GROSS FOR A SECOND. I used to get my period for 7+ days and it would be heavy for all 7+ long days of it. That isn't a healthy amount of blood loss and because of the grossness that I was, I would constantly be dizzy and feel faint. Now does that sound healthy to you? Sounds like something I should have fixed? Good thing my INSURANCE covers it!

Thirdly, the argument just sounds off. The main concept of the new movement is that company's can deny coverage because of religious freedom. WAKE UP AMERICA. It is 2014 and we are a country that was built on religious freedom long ago. We are as free as we can be. We are a lone wolf howling through the night, running along, with all our fucking religious freedom. You're telling me that if I work for a company where the head honcho has different religious views than me, I can't be covered for birth control? This seems silly. I'm not telling you not to practice your religion. Why are you telling me to have unprotected sex?

An article I found on buzzfeed asked a bunch of women why birth control (you can read it here). My favorite was "because it's none of your business!" Which is true in and of itself. My body is my choice. What I put in it, what I do with it, and how I treat it is up to me and no one else. I chose birth control. I am young, I am adventurous, need I say more?  I am no where near ready to have children.  Because I am aware of this, I made a choice to be protective. Condoms break sometimes, pulling out is NOT a contraceptive option, and I like more options than that. Would you rather have another child growing up in an unfortunate situation with little money and parents who resent it? I don't.

All I know is I'm baby-free, my cramps are low, my acne is under control, and I feel okay. These are my reasons for saying yes to the pill. Whatever yours are, you don't have to share if you don't want to. Do what makes you happy. Keep yourself safe, aware of your options, and most of all, BE HAPPY.

Much Love,
P.S. if no birth control, for the love of God use a condom.
P.P.S. thanks xoxo

Monday, July 14, 2014

Wisdom Toothless

Hey guys! Sorry for being a little MIA for the past few days but I got 4 wisdom teeth removed on Saturday morning and the weekend wasn't really great for me after that. I was sick all day on Saturday and yesterday I was trapped on my couch with ice on my face. Today I look like a chipmunk but I'm feeling a little better. 
I just wanted to write an update and let you know that i should be back on Wednesday with normal posts! 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Would I want to be Anyone Else?

When little boys and girls are asked who they want to be when they grow up they tend to name a popular idol, a relative, what have you. When I was younger I used to answer "oh, I want to be a singer!"

Well with a pitchy voice and tone-death tendencies, that dream quickly faded away. As I've grown up, my old tomboy antics faded away and I found a new love for getting dressed each morning. I also fell in love with a show called Fashion Police. Now when people ask me what I want to be when I grow up, I say "Joan Rivers."
she's got style, she's got grace.
Listen, this woman is fabulous. She makes fun of people AND GETS PAID FOR IT!! Also, she makes fun of herself just as much which idk I respect that. Some people take themselves too seriously, but Joan never does. Rivers gets to wear designer clothes, hang out with celebrities, and sit in a comfy chair while filming for her show. My dream job is to be able to be on fashion police someday. Hell, I already watch award shows, look through magazines, etc. and comment on what everyone is wearing, I might as well get paid for it. So where do I sign up to get her job when she retires?
Seriously, sending my resume to E! network,
Much Love,

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Songs, Shows and Sequels

I have no idea what to write about and I don't really have a good excuse. All I've done today is sit around my house with my brother feeling sorry for ourselves for not getting to go to Warped Tour. I had plenty of time to write a good post for this afternoon but i just couldn't think of anything. Not to mention the fact that I'm kinda bumming over the fact that the next few days aren't going to be great for me since I'm working all day tomorrow and Saturday morning I get my wisdom teeth out.

So since my creative juices aren't exactly flowing today, I'm just going to share some things I've been obsessing over this week.

Break Free - Ariana Grande ft. Zedd
This song is EVERYTHING. I love Ariana, I think her voice is beautiful and she is so funny in all of Frankie's vlogs. Not to mention she is one of my girl crushes from her hair to her outfits. This song has been basically on repeat since the morning it was released. Also Ari has been running Frankie's twitter while he's on BB and it is perfect.

Big. Brother. 
I need to talk about this. As you should know by know Big Brother kinda takes over my life every summer and this season is no different. Especially because of Frankie Grande since he is basically one of my favorite people ever even before he was on the show. 
SO we finally got some drama this week! Everyone stopped being best friends and finally got down to some real game stuff. Devin is an ass and the bomb squad has blown up. He not only won HOH but also POV and put Zach up solely because he stood up for himself. This is bad for me because I love Zach and I don't think he should go home over Paola. BUT tonight on the live show we get to see Zach flip out after Devin put him up on the block. 
I'm not too worried though because I've been watching Big Brother After Dark every night and I'm confident that he has the number to stay in the house. 

So the other day we got Harry Potter news that I wrote a whole post about and yesterday we got another teaser trailer for Mockingjay part 1 (The Hunger Games series). I'm probably more obsessed with THG than I am with Harry Potter. I've read the books multiple times and I love the movies (Catching Fire was perfect and I sobbed openly with a total stranger when I saw it for the fist time). So the teaser was SO good. If there is one thing Lionsgate it good at with these films it's how they advertise them. All of the marketing campaigns are meant to make us, as viewers, feel like a part of the capitol and its brilliant. In the new teaser, a Capitol TV propaganda ad is interrupted by Beetee in district 13 saying that "The Mockingjay is alive" just like it happens in the books. CF was one of the best book-to-screen adaptations that I have ever seen and they are already being just as good with just the teasers! I can't wait to see a full trailer!

So there's my little pop culture update for you! I can't promise that I'll have a post for you on Saturday because my appointment is very early in the morning and I'll be sleeping/on painkillers all day. 
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer 2014 Trends

I really should have done this post during our summer week, but I had other things to be writing about so this one slipped my mind. But as a fashion merchandising major, I try to pay attention to some of the current trends that are hitting the shelves. For this summer, here are some of my favorites that I saw while "forecasting."

 Full Skirts

This look reminds me much of new found obsession with Sex and the City and all the beautiful skirts Miss Carrie Bradshaw would wear. The are flattering, girly, and fun. Also younger and older woman can wear them and I think that makes them timeless.

Clash of the Patterns

Now, I was NOT the biggest fan of this trend when I first saw it. It has 100% grown on me and I am now in love. I especially love mixing two patterns of black and white together. But I've seen it tastefully done in many colors, and it's one to watch.

Big Hats
(feat. Cute Friend)

I am OBSESSED with a cute lady in a big hat. This is so timeless, elegant, and a great excuse to keep the sun out of your eyes. I wish this look worked on me better, but at least most people look hella cute.
Skater Skirts and Crop Tops

This is a look I will rock every day of the week, every night, any time of the year. Hands down a necessity for any female college student. Great for going out, going to class, and staying cool.


The Little White Dress
(feat me. circa 2013)
The light color keeps you cool in the hotter months and it's a style that is a classic. Pair with sandals to dress it down or heels if you're going out. Gotta love something that is easy day to night.

The Shapeless Dress
Now, this cut doesn't work on everyone. I personally am loving it right now. The dress flows away from your body and keeps you nice and cool in the blazing sun while still looking like a ten. I recently bought three dresses of this style and if I had my way, I would live in them. 

Anywho, those are my favorite summer looks for 2014. Hope you all enjoyed my two cents.
Much Love,
P.S. It's hot! Drink water, stay cool.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Boy Who Keeps on Living

Okay so I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd, in case that wasn't obvious in my Diagon Alley post, and today there is so much Potter news that I can't ignore it. 

First Diagon Alley officially opened today and the crowds were as big as anyone would have guessed. When I woke up and checked twitter this morning I saw tweets from 8:00AM saying that there was a 300 minute (5 HOUR) long wait for Escape From Gringotts (although there was only a 10 minute wait for the Hogwarts Express which is probably because you need the two park passes to ride it). Later in the day the wait time went up to 450 minutes which is long enough to watch the last three Harry Potter movies! The park opens normally at 9:00 but instead it opened at 7:00 to a massive crowd who showed up and camped out extra early, much like they did for the books and movies. Not only did the rides have crazy waits, but you had to wait in long lines to even enter Diagon Alley itself! 

Although there were long lines and huge crowds, the park opened with high praise from the most important critics, die-hard Potter fans. Tears were shed, thousands of pictures were taken and everyone was in awe so I guess you could say it was successful. (In my opinion, much more successful than Disney World's attempt to draw bigger crowds this week with their Frozen Summer Fun event at Hollywood Studios. As much as I love Disney, Universal wins this one with no competition).

THEN as if the excitement around Diagon Alley wasn't enough, JK Rowling shocked us all when she released a new short story on Pottermore this morning. And I was pretty much like this when I found out:

 The story was a gossip piece written for the Daily Prophet by none other than Rita Skeeter about Harry, Ron, Hermione and the rest of Dumbledore's Army as they all attended the finals of the 2014 Quidditch World Cup with their families. Because it was "written" by Skeeter, it's not necessarily the most positive article about the wizards we have grown to love and some even say it is throwing some shade at the way our "muggle press" works. I don't care either way, I'm just happy that it exists because it's Harry Potter. If you haven't had the chance to read it, you need to. If you don't have a Pottermore account then you can read it HERE on my tumblr.

Also adding to the Potter madness in my house, my mom has decided to "give the movies another chance" so I've been re-watching all of them with her. I just want to get on a plane right now and get to Diagon alley.

Thanks for letting me geek out today.
I'll be back to normal on Thursday and I just went to Michael's so expect a DIY post some time this week!