Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Week in The Life - Photo Diary

Hey guys! Hope you had a great 4th of July weekend! As I said on Wednesday this past week was a crazy one and to show you just how crazy I wanted to do a little photo diary.

Sunday was my cousin Brendan's 4th Birthday party (Ninja Turtle themed of course)

Monday was spent working and watching Harry Potter with my mom who "decided to give him a second chance" since she didn't really pay attention or care the first time we made her watch the movies so now I get to watch them all again with her

Tuesday I went for a run and then spent the day by the pool with my brother and Brendan (from the first picture)

Wednesday night I went to the Bruno Mars concert with my mom, my brother, my moms two friends, my Auntie Paula, my cousin Sam and her friend Nicole and it was amazing. I went with Sam and my mom last year and even though it was basically they same show because it is still his Moonshine Jungle tour, it was so much better because we had really good seats this year. Bruno is so good live and his band "The Hooligans" are the absolute best. I want them to follow me around and just dance all the time.

Friday was the 4th of July so it was really busy for me because my town goes all out for it. Every year they shut down the center of town on the 3rd and set up booths and other things and its basically just a big town-wide party. Then on the 4th there is a road race in the morning, followed by a parade (that people put chairs out for A WEEK IN ADVANCE which is so annoying don't even get me started), then after the parade I had to help my mom set up for our cook out which ended up being inside because of Hurricane Arthur.

Yesterday I went to work and spent the night being lazy watching Big Brother live feeds. This week I have some good posts lined up before i get my wisdom teeth taken out on Saturday (ahh!)
See you Tuesday!

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