Monday, July 7, 2014

Grocery Store Blues

If you were a teenager at some point in your life, you most likely were stuck working retail or more specifically, working in a grocery store. Most people you come across do this to help with college bills, car insurance, what have you. If you've ever been in this industry, you've some of the same things over and over again. Here are some of my personal favorites I've collected after years as a cashier and then a customer service associate.

  1. "I know the owner." This is one of my personal favorites because the owner's wife is my manager. I know the owner too. Actually one time a customer ranted to my manager about how they knew the owner and they were going to complain to him about her. He asked her name and she said Mrs. G, aka, the owner's wife. Still one of my favorite stories.
  2. "Why are you open? It's a holiday!" Well, we are open because we have enough customers who like to come in on said holidays.
  3. "Call the manager, I don't believe you." I guess I like this one because nine times out of ten the manager repeats what I say. Always fun to see the facial responses on that one.
  4. "...with the coupons!" No, I plan on giving you a flyer without one just so you can come up here after your order and tell me all about how the cashier forgot to scan them. Of course I'm gonna give you a flyer with the coupons, I'm no scumbag.
  5. "Do I get it for free?" In retail, if an item scans wrong, you get it free up to $20 but this prohibits baby food, alcohol, cigarettes, eggs, and milk. That is the state law. Also, if it's the cashier putting in the wrong type of produce, that isn't my fault either. I will happily give you the right price and I will give it for free when it's needed. Don't yell at me, I follow orders.
  6. "You guys should open earlier!" We are open from 7 AM -11 PM daily. Most grocery stores are open for long hours. We need sleep too. Sorry.
  7. "It's nice outside." This one stings. Especially if you're working a long shift. This happened many times to me earlier and it stung more and more each time.
  8. "Do you work here?" Now this one just makes me laugh because I have a uniform and a name tag. And my uniform includes a green smock with the name of the store on it. I either work here or am the stores biggest fan.
Anywho, the list can go on and on. While retail can get irritating, it's also constantly busy and there is always work to be done. I think this is why I decided to spend the rest of my life in retail, but hopefully not in grocery and in the very fashionable green smock. 
Happy Retailing,
Much Love,

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