Sunday, July 6, 2014


I guess sometimes we all need to take a vacation. It's past summer week, but I guess I'm still in that summer mindset. Maybe it's because it's still July. Unlike my blogging counterpart, July is NOT my favorite month (sorry Kasey!). July has always been bad luck for me ever since middle school. I guess blogging in July felt wrong at first and that could be why I disappeared for a week. But I am alive and well, my luck is changing, and I have a few posts planned for the week. Tomorrow, I WILL be back on my blogging schedule and will try not to miss anymore posts this month. I think a week off is enough for one person. Besides, my lovely partner did many double posts this week so it was almost like I was still here. Also, I've been working nonstop all week because of the holiday and when I get out of work I either crash, go see my boy, or am waayy too angry to post something positive. Yeah, customers are always lovely. I love getting yelled at, but that's customer service I suppose. Anywho, have a lovely night and I'll see you all tomorrow early evening.

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