Friday, July 18, 2014

How to Save Money Without Wanting to Cry

Everyone knows that college is expensive, not just tuition and books, but just college in general. Basically if you want to do anything besides sleep, eat in the dining hall and go to class, you probably need some money.
 Before I was in college going to Boston meant shopping, but spending almost every weekend in the city during the school year had me avoiding places like Newbury Street or the Prudential Center because riding the T and making late night grocery store runs had me like:
I always hated calling my parents to ask for money and the small bonuses I would occasionally get in the mail from my job back home brought a few happy tears to my eyes, but this year I vowed to be different. I refuse to make the same mistakes that I did last year and I want to help you do the same. So here is one way I am saving money this summer without even noticing!

Before we went to Disney last year my mom was scrolling on Pinterest and found this trick that she used to save some spending money for the trip. From October to April she ended up saving almost $500. I started using the same trick last month and I have close to $70 saved already. The only rule? 

Never spend a $5 bill. 

Yes you read that right. Go ahead and forget that the $5 bill even exists because that is literally all you need to do. Every time you receive a five, whether it's in your paycheck or some change given to you from a cashier, put it away. You could put it in a piggy bank, a sketchy looking envelope or just decorate a mason jar like me! 

When I was trying to figure out how to save money this summer I wanted to cry. I already don't make a lot at my current job and how was I supposed to save money without having at least some to spend before going back to school? Whenever my mom told me to use this trick I said it would be too hard. That was, until I ended up taking her advice. I thought that I would really notice losing $5 but honestly, it is not that big of a deal. As long as I put it away as soon as I get it, I don't miss it. The only time it really hurts is with things like "the $20 cup of coffee" when the lovely baristas at Starbucks give me all fives for change.

And you don't just have to do it with fives! You could do it with any amount of money, I just like to use fives because they add up fast but are also small enough that you don't miss them when they're gone. 

Seriously people, try it. I promise it will help you and you'll be thanking me when you actually have money to order late night Chinese food or even pay your cab fare!

Happy saving and I will see you next week!

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