Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Boy Who Keeps on Living

Okay so I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd, in case that wasn't obvious in my Diagon Alley post, and today there is so much Potter news that I can't ignore it. 

First Diagon Alley officially opened today and the crowds were as big as anyone would have guessed. When I woke up and checked twitter this morning I saw tweets from 8:00AM saying that there was a 300 minute (5 HOUR) long wait for Escape From Gringotts (although there was only a 10 minute wait for the Hogwarts Express which is probably because you need the two park passes to ride it). Later in the day the wait time went up to 450 minutes which is long enough to watch the last three Harry Potter movies! The park opens normally at 9:00 but instead it opened at 7:00 to a massive crowd who showed up and camped out extra early, much like they did for the books and movies. Not only did the rides have crazy waits, but you had to wait in long lines to even enter Diagon Alley itself! 

Although there were long lines and huge crowds, the park opened with high praise from the most important critics, die-hard Potter fans. Tears were shed, thousands of pictures were taken and everyone was in awe so I guess you could say it was successful. (In my opinion, much more successful than Disney World's attempt to draw bigger crowds this week with their Frozen Summer Fun event at Hollywood Studios. As much as I love Disney, Universal wins this one with no competition).

THEN as if the excitement around Diagon Alley wasn't enough, JK Rowling shocked us all when she released a new short story on Pottermore this morning. And I was pretty much like this when I found out:

 The story was a gossip piece written for the Daily Prophet by none other than Rita Skeeter about Harry, Ron, Hermione and the rest of Dumbledore's Army as they all attended the finals of the 2014 Quidditch World Cup with their families. Because it was "written" by Skeeter, it's not necessarily the most positive article about the wizards we have grown to love and some even say it is throwing some shade at the way our "muggle press" works. I don't care either way, I'm just happy that it exists because it's Harry Potter. If you haven't had the chance to read it, you need to. If you don't have a Pottermore account then you can read it HERE on my tumblr.

Also adding to the Potter madness in my house, my mom has decided to "give the movies another chance" so I've been re-watching all of them with her. I just want to get on a plane right now and get to Diagon alley.

Thanks for letting me geek out today.
I'll be back to normal on Thursday and I just went to Michael's so expect a DIY post some time this week!

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