Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Land of Beaches and Kennedys

Hi everyone! So my family and I decided to take a mini vacation to Cape Cod for a few days while my dad was working down there and I was so excited because I had never been to the Cape in my life so here is a photo diary of how I spent my first time! 
Packing for one night is not easy at the last minute. I packed a bunch of random stuff I didn't need and forgot important things like pajamas....... oops
Yes I am turning 19 in a few days and yes I still bring my Eeyore Pillowpet with me on long car rides. Don't judge.

Our first stop was to get ice cream. I got a flavor called Olaf's Frozen Summer solely because I miss Disney.
We didn't have time to actually go to the beach so I may have made my dad pull over so I could at least put my feet in the water. 
Casual mini golf date with my boyfriend Jack Sparrow ;)
The next morning my brother and I watched Supernatural because it just felt right since we were staying in a kinda shitty motel.
You can't expect me to visit the cape without doing something Kennedy related.
Then we had dinner on the water before getting in the car to come home (ft. my brother)

It was short and sweet but still really nice. I finally get why so many people love the cape and would always freak out when I would say that I had never been before. Hopefully next time I go I can stay longer and actually go to the beach!

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