Thursday, July 17, 2014

We Need To Have Another Talk

This post is partially in response to my post over a month ago titled #YesAllWomen.  Lately, in the media, there has been controversy about a company being able to deny coverage for birth control. As a young lady, it's hard not to take this topic to heart. Whether you believe in taking the prescription yourself or not, there's a few major flaws with the argument countering the pill.

First off, why the hell does it matter to you? If a woman chooses to take the pill, it doesn't affect you, it affects her. The pill DOES change the way a woman's body works. It can mess with her menstrual cycle, cause bloating, and stomach sickness. Before taking any sort of medication, a person should consider the risks. Hell, there are risks of viagra (not that I concern myself with them seeing as I lack a penis) but I don't see any protests against the popular erection pill.

Secondly, birth control isn't just used for pregnancy prevention. OF COURSE, that is a major part of it. The pill also helps with cramps, acne, period irregularity, etc. LET'S BE GROSS FOR A SECOND. I used to get my period for 7+ days and it would be heavy for all 7+ long days of it. That isn't a healthy amount of blood loss and because of the grossness that I was, I would constantly be dizzy and feel faint. Now does that sound healthy to you? Sounds like something I should have fixed? Good thing my INSURANCE covers it!

Thirdly, the argument just sounds off. The main concept of the new movement is that company's can deny coverage because of religious freedom. WAKE UP AMERICA. It is 2014 and we are a country that was built on religious freedom long ago. We are as free as we can be. We are a lone wolf howling through the night, running along, with all our fucking religious freedom. You're telling me that if I work for a company where the head honcho has different religious views than me, I can't be covered for birth control? This seems silly. I'm not telling you not to practice your religion. Why are you telling me to have unprotected sex?

An article I found on buzzfeed asked a bunch of women why birth control (you can read it here). My favorite was "because it's none of your business!" Which is true in and of itself. My body is my choice. What I put in it, what I do with it, and how I treat it is up to me and no one else. I chose birth control. I am young, I am adventurous, need I say more?  I am no where near ready to have children.  Because I am aware of this, I made a choice to be protective. Condoms break sometimes, pulling out is NOT a contraceptive option, and I like more options than that. Would you rather have another child growing up in an unfortunate situation with little money and parents who resent it? I don't.

All I know is I'm baby-free, my cramps are low, my acne is under control, and I feel okay. These are my reasons for saying yes to the pill. Whatever yours are, you don't have to share if you don't want to. Do what makes you happy. Keep yourself safe, aware of your options, and most of all, BE HAPPY.

Much Love,
P.S. if no birth control, for the love of God use a condom.
P.P.S. thanks xoxo

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