Friday, July 11, 2014

Would I want to be Anyone Else?

When little boys and girls are asked who they want to be when they grow up they tend to name a popular idol, a relative, what have you. When I was younger I used to answer "oh, I want to be a singer!"

Well with a pitchy voice and tone-death tendencies, that dream quickly faded away. As I've grown up, my old tomboy antics faded away and I found a new love for getting dressed each morning. I also fell in love with a show called Fashion Police. Now when people ask me what I want to be when I grow up, I say "Joan Rivers."
she's got style, she's got grace.
Listen, this woman is fabulous. She makes fun of people AND GETS PAID FOR IT!! Also, she makes fun of herself just as much which idk I respect that. Some people take themselves too seriously, but Joan never does. Rivers gets to wear designer clothes, hang out with celebrities, and sit in a comfy chair while filming for her show. My dream job is to be able to be on fashion police someday. Hell, I already watch award shows, look through magazines, etc. and comment on what everyone is wearing, I might as well get paid for it. So where do I sign up to get her job when she retires?
Seriously, sending my resume to E! network,
Much Love,

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