Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Adding Disney To Your Wardrobe

Lea may be hanging out with princesses and eating mickey waffles while I'm stuck going to doctors appointments and working at a supermarket, but that doesn't mean that I can't still add a little Disney magic to my days here in Massachusetts. One way to do this is to add Disney touches to my outfits.

So many Etsy shops have been opening full of Disney themed merchandise and stores like Hot Topic and Forever 21 have Disney Collections so this should be easy right? Well it depends. Everyone has a different style, one person may not want to be as obvious with their Disney fashion while others would love to wear Little Mermaid leggings every day of the week. Or maybe your going to be visiting the parks soon and are looking for some unique preppy ears? Well here are some of my favorite Disney touches that you should be adding to your closet!

1. Bows Bows Bows! 
By now you should know that I love bows and I personally think they are the perfect way to add a small Disney touch to any outfit without it being totally obvious. Some bows are simply the color scheme of a certain character or movie and others are more detailed and beautiful. Some of my favorites are available on TaylorsThingamabobs

2.  Preppy Park Ears
I am 100% obsessed with these Lilly Pulitzer Minnie ears made by SailBows. I want to order a pair of my own but I'm not going to Disney any time soon so I personally can't justify it based on how little my paychecks have been lately. The ears are custom made, so so pretty and are guaranteed to make you stand out in the parks! 

(If you aren't a fan of Lilly patterns but still want a unique pair of ears you need to check out ShopHouseOfMouse on Etsy. She makes amazing ears including some themed after different movies or characters.)

3. Pocket T's
One of my favorite new trends is the pocket T-shirt. They are perfect for days when you don't feel like getting too dressed up but still want to kinda look like you tried on an outfit. So many Disney versions are available on Etsy or you could even make your own using any Disney fabric!

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