Monday, August 4, 2014

How To Successfully Pack For A Trip To Disney

So as you could tell from Kasey's post yesterday, we are doing another Disney week. Now everyone can celebrate and rejoice! Please bare with me seeing as I am actually in Disney World as we speak. My formatting will probably be messed up and my pictures not centered. Again, my apologies. 


Disney World is a magical place. You get off the airplane and the magic is already starting. You are escorted to the Magical Express and your journey to oasis behind. Disney movies are playing and ads for different places to eat the park join in. Hell, your luggage even shows up in your room without you grabbing it at baggage claim. Now how cool is that??!? 

However, one thing alway sucked about Disney World and that was packing. I was the definition of an over packet from a young age. I always thought there would be something I would need or something I just couldn't live without for a week. Nine times out of ten within a day of being at the hotel I would realize how much I didn't need all this shit. 

(How not to pack)
(PSA: Humans don't belong in luggage)

Anywho, here's some helpful hints I learned on how to successfully pack. 

1. Make outfits. You know how you pick out your outfit every morning? Do that for seven days. Lay them all out, underwear, shoes, socks and all, and then pack this way. You'll eliminate all the extra clothes you might have thrown your suitcase. 

2. Health and Beauty. This part is simple. For Disney, soap, shampoo and conditioner is already provided for you at the hotel. Take advantage of this and make your load lighter. Also pack your health and beauty the morning of the trip. After you're done putting makeup on, throw it in the suitcase, etc. this way, you'll have everything you use in the bathroom. 

3. Limit your Jackets. This should be common sense since we are in the south and it is Florida but I still get a laugh when I see my mothers suitcase. Pack ONE (maybe two) jackets for your trip. You probably will use them once and call it a day. However, they are helpful when restaurants are freezing. 

With Disney, though I hate to say it, it's not a fashion show. You don't need so many options to wear so you might as well limit it. It saves me about 20 minutes in the morning and I"d like to use those 20 minutes for extra sleep on my vacation. 

Any who, there will be more live posts from Disney from me so stay tuned!
Much love,
P.S. Again, this is mobile blogging so best with me. 

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