Saturday, August 2, 2014

July Favorites

I feel like I just posted my June Favorites yesterday! How is it already August??? 
July always flies by and it was definitely a crazy month for me. Between getting my wisdom teeth out, the company I work for going on strike, my birthday and finally being reunited with my friends from school, July had so many ups and downs but also tons of cute things and good music. So here are some of my favorites from my favorite month! 

Nice is Just a Place in France by The Betches
This book was recommended by Amazon after I finished reading White Girl Problems and I bought it as a beach read before going to Cape Cod. It is hysterical. If you liked White Girl Problems this book is perfect for you. It's snarky and bitchy but you can't help but relate to it. Sometimes so much so that it's embarrassing. Would I take it seriously as a "self help" book? Probably not, but I still highly recommend it.

This dress from Francesca's
This dress was at the top of my birthday list after seeing it online and after trying it on in the store I almost bought it for myself. Luckily my parents gave it to me as a birthday gift and I am obsessed with it. It's great for giving a presentation in class or just going out with some friends. Add a statement necklace and some cute heels and it is perfect! (also it is not that short on me or probably any normal, not model sized person)
You can find it online here in blue, pink or white!  

Bows & Kites 
I love love love bows. I usually make my own but this month a found an online store called BowsAndKites that sells adorable bows. Some have simple designs and others are inspired by designers like Lilly Pulitzer or Kate Spade. You can even get your monogram put on them! The best part is that they are pretty cheap when compared to some of the same styled bows on Etsy. I just put in an order for for a few of them including the white Kate Spade one pictured above. 

Candidly Nicole
I love almost all reality shows. The good, the not so good, and the super cheesey. My new favorite one is Candidly Nicole on VH1. It's half scripted and based on Nicole Richie's hilarious twitter account. I love it because the whole point of the show is basically Nicole making fun of herself. She can get away with joking about her past because she is actually a successful fashion designer, mother and wife (to Joel Madden!!!) unlike her ex-BFFs who are still trying to stay relevant with failed attempts at come backs. If you haven't seen it yet you definitely should check it out!

Anberlin -Lowborn 
Anberlin has been one of my top favorite bands since I saw them open for the All American Rejects in 2009. Their latest, and unfortunately their last, album came out this month and it is so so good. If you like rock or pop punk then you really need to check them out. I can't believe this is their final album but I can't wait to see them play their last show in Boston in a few months!

Those are just some of my favorites from July. Summer is flying by all of a sudden and I can't believe that Lea and I will be moving into our dorm in just a little over a month! 
What were some of your favorite things from this month? Let me know in the comments! Have a great weekend!

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