Sunday, August 17, 2014

Music You Should Be Listening To: The Maine

Everyone has a favorite band, Lea wrote about hers a few months ago and today I wanted to write about mine because I just have a lot to say about them.

Who the hell is The Maine?
The Maine is an Alternative/Rock band from Arizona made up of John O’Callaghan, Garrett Nickelson, Jared Monaco,Pat Kirch and Kennedy Brock,. They have released 4 full length albums, 4 EPs, a Christmas album and covers for albums like Punk Goes Pop and Punk Goes Classic Rock, along with two documentaries since forming in 2007. After the release of their second album Black And White the band dropped out of their contract with their record label and started their own called 81twentythree, later signing close friends and bands like This Century, Brighton and Lydia. They just recently announced that after a 4 show tour they will be going away for the next year to write their 5th album.

How did I find out about them?
Seven years ago I went see Boys Like Girls, Good Charlotte and Metro Station with my cousins. It was one of the best concert experiences ever because it was the first one we got to go to without our parents, the headlining bands were my absolute favorites at the time and it was when I first really fell in love The Maine. They were opening the show and it was their first ever tour. Their first album came out the same day the tour started and because of that not many people knew them. I was the only one in my group who even knew any of their songs because I looked them up on myspace a few days before the show.
As soon as I left that show I was obsessed. I later went on to see them every time they were in Massachusetts and I still cry when I see them live. The first time I met them was actually 4 years ago this week! It was a meet and greet where you basically just walk down a line, have them sign your ticket and then leave. It was so short we weren’t even allowed to stop and take pictures but I still cried in the parking lot after it was over. Over the years however I have met them so many times that I stay after shows just to talk and hang out with them. I once cried on John’s shoulder and most recently I ended up talking to Jared for close to a half hour about music and tattoos. They are the nicest and most appreciative guys I have ever met and I love them for it.

Why do they mean so much to me?
7 years is a long time and 7 years is how long I have been listening to these 5 idiots. Through their ups and downs I have been there supporting them no matter what and they mean the world to me because in a way they have been there for me through my ups and downs too. It may sound stupid to some of you that I feel this way but it’s the truth. High school kinda sucked for me and I when I had no one else I knew I had The Maine. When I was having a bad day I knew I just needed to put my headphones in and listen to them. When I needed to laugh I watched one of their dumb videos on youtube and if I needed to cry (because sometimes you just have to) I knew that Into Your Arms would do the job. I have made friends because of them and I have lost a lot of money buying tickets and merch but I also have tons and tons of amazing memories because of them.

I’m also really really proud of them. This may be another weird concept for some people to understand but I could not be any more proud of them. So many bands “sell out” in a way when they join big labels. They stop making music that they actually care about and instead they put out albums that sound nothing like their previous stuff. The Maine is not one of those bands. When they released Black And White it wasn’t them, it was good, but it was obvious that the label kind of took over the whole project. After that album the band rented a studio space in the middle of nowhere and recorded an album on their own that they felt passionate about. Their label unfortunately was not amused and band decided that they needed to release the album on their own and leave the label. Not many bands can do that and actually make it work but The Maine did. Pioneer was released in 2011 and proved that they were capable of making music on their own. For their fourth and most recent album the band decided to record the entire thing on analog tape without computer editing, giving to album the unique energy that can only come from five people playing in one room together. They proved that they did not need a record label or their music on the radio to be a success. They have sold out shows all over the world not because they conform to what’s popular now, but because they care about their fans so much that they put everything they have into making music that they are actually proud of.

Forever Halloween is one of the best albums I have heard in a long time and it makes me excited for their next one. If you haven’t already you need to check them out. Seriously, do it. You’ll thank me later.
Here, I'll even give you a song to listen to. It's my current favorite song by them and it is off of the deluxe edition of Forever Halloween, it's called Bliss.


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