Thursday, August 7, 2014

Why the Park Hopper is the Way to Go

So this post is being written at 1:00 am after a very long day for me. As you are all aware I am in fact in Walt Disney World (if you see me, say hello! I'm the girl with the thigh tattoo and nose ring!) and that means days filled with parks and other forms of amusement. Now today was a new Disney feat for me and my sister. We decided to fully take advantage of our park hopper option and visit all four parks today. Here's a recap of my day: 

The day started with a lovely breakfast on Disneys Broadwalk at Kouzzinas by Cat Cora. I'll be doing a Disney food recap eventually so I won't go into detail but it is scrumptious to put it mildly. 

Then we returned to our room and decided we didn't feel like sitting by the pool (after all, the water is about as hot as the air outside). Any who, we missed seeing the Indiana Jonea stunt show yesterday during our stay at Hollywood Studios so we decided to hop on over and catch the show. 

Then it was off to Animal Kingdom where we went on two rides, saw minimal animals, and got poured on. I should have known it would rain though...I was with my aunt an everytime she goes it pours on her. 

Then after a long shower (and I mean one in the hotel, not outside during the storm) we had dinner in Epcot in Germany and was able to catch illuminations. Rad rad rad. 

Now because it is summer time, Magic Kingdom is open late until midnight so my sister and I figured why not. We went over for a little over an hour, did three attractions, and had no wait time. Can't beat that. 

As you can see my day was full. Now I don't like to do everyday this packed, but it really wasn't hectic at all. We are staying at a resort between Hollywood Studios and Epcot so those two parks are easy to get to. Hell, dinner in Epcot can be a nightly occurance for us. The hopper pass always us to come and go as we please during our time here and it also allows us to not worry about missing an attraction one day since it doesn't have to be our only day in said park. 

Anywho everyone is snoring besides me. Tomorrow is our planned day in Magic Kingsom so wish me luck. 

Much love, 
P.S. I can feel the Disney magic rn

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