Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Favorites

September is over and I don't think you realize how hard it is for me not to make a dumb "Wake Me Up When September Ends" joke right now. I have so many favorites this month that I can't wait to share them with you and hopefully this will make up for how lame my August Favorites post was!

You should all know by now that Lauren Conrad is basically my QUEEN so to say I was just as excited for her wedding as I was for the actual royal wedding would probably be accurate. I almost cried when she got engaged, not just because I was happy for her, but I was happy for myself because HELLOOO I'm an event planning major and she is like an amazing fashion and events blogger! Well it's safe to say that I was more than a little excited when the news broke a few weeks ago that the big day had finally arrived and the minute I found out US Weekly was going to be featuring her wedding album, I was in line at the grocery store to buy the issue. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. Her hair, dress, flowers, bridesmaid dresses, venue, E V E R Y T H I N G! This wedding was like my dream come true. I mean one of my current wedding trend obsessions in the rustic barn/vineyard weddings and I mean throw in my favorite person ever as the bride and a member of Something Corporate as the groom and I'm one happy girl. (did I mention that she DESIGNED HER OWN BRIDESMAID DRESSES and an entire bridesmaid dress collection while planning her big day?? yup. she did.)

2. Delta Sigma Phi - Shake It Off
Okay I think it's very safe to say that I would not consider myself Taylor Swift's biggest fan, but even I love this lip dub video by a Kentucky frat.

3. The Mindy Project

Mindy Kaling is on my list of top 5 favorite people for sure. As you can see in my bio, when I grow up I want to be the perfect mix between her and Lauren Conrad. One day I will probably make a whole "Mindy Kaling Appreciation Post" but for today I'm just going to talk about HOW HAPPY I AM THAT THE MINDY PROJECT DID NOT GET CANCELLED AND IS BACK ON TV. Yup so a few weeks ago the new season of The Mindy Project premiered and it was so good. So good in fact I think it may have convinced Lea to make it her next show to binge watch. The guest stars on are always so great and the small little inside jokes are what make it one of my favorite shows. If you haven't already, you need to watch it. I promise you wont be disappointed.

4. Military Jackets

I know this is a trend from last year but it hasn't gone away and I finally own a jacket of my own. I looked EVERYWHERE last year to find a good fall coat but I never had enough money to get one. So this summer while I was shopping for school clothes, imagine how happy I was when The Gap Outlet had ONE adorable military jacket and it was in my size! It has been my favorite thing all month because its about that time in New England when it could be cold and windy on your way to one class, sunny and warm on your way back and then raining on your way to dinner. It is the perfect go-to jacket because it looks good with almost anything and can make it look like you actually tried to put an outfit together when you really got out of bed 10 minutes before class started.

5. One Tree Hill Playlists

My go-to playlist this month (besides my own study playlist) is a mega playlist on spotify with all of the music that was ever on One Tree Hill. And since the show celebrated it's 11 year anniversary this month I think it's pretty appropriate. It has everything: early 2000's punk rock, amazing throwbacks, indie rock, and top 40. It's also full of songs that you probably noticed in the background of an episode and meant to look up but didn't because you ended up marathoning half a season instead of studying or sleeping. If you are as big of a OTH fan as I am then I guarantee that all of your feels will come back after listening to one of the many Ryan Adams songs and your anger towards Chris Keller for almost ruining Naley will return whenever a Tyler Hilton song comes on. The playlist I follow is about 587 songs (which is about 40 hours and 18 minutes long) so you can just press play and let it shuffle and never have to worry about hearing the same songs a bunch of times while your trying to write an essay. You can follow it here.

6. Ashley Tisdale's wedding

Yes I do have two weddings in one post but I'M GOING TO BE A WEDDING PLANNER so obviously celebrity weddings are my favorite thing. So although I'm not as excited about this wedding as I was for LC's, Ashley's wedding was beautiful. When I saw her first pictures on instagram I was obsessed with her flower crown and beautiful lace Monique Lhuilier dress. I'm also obsessed with how she mixed her bridemaid's dresses and oh yeah, GABRIELLA WAS IN SHARPAY'S WEDDING?! (I guess it's not awkward for them that they both dated Zac Efron).

7. Ballet Flats
It's only been fall for a few weeks and as much as I love boots I'm not quite ready to completely surrender to them. While we have had our chilly days this month we also had a few very warm ones and I'm really over wearing sandals and flip flops to class. Luckily one of my favorite trends is still going strong and that is the ballet flat. I think it's important to have a few pairs of flats. Neutral ones, solid colored ones and a pair of fun printed ones (mine are leopard print). They look great  with jeans or leggings and are a great way of adding color to an outfit.

8. Bath & Body Works fall scents
At home my mom is always burning candles and most of the time they are the fall/christmas country-home smelling candles and I love it. Being at school I obviously get homesick but one way that I have found a way to make my dorm room feel more like home is with Bath & Body Works fall candles. The only problem is that we aren't allowed to burn candles in our rooms because they are a fire hazard. But luckily B&BW has wall plug-ins in all of their scents and they are sometimes better than candles because they are always working and making your room smell amazing without you having to do a thing! My current favorite is Spiced Pumpkin Cider.

9. Nude Nails
 I have a serious addiction with buying nail polish. But when it comes to fall colors I have an issue because I don't like how pale dark colors make my hands look. I'm not sure if they actually do look bad, I just know that after I paint my nails a dark fall color I instantly regret it. The one fall color trend that I can wear and will wear all the time is nude. My favorite nude polish is Sand Tropez by Essie. It's a nude polish but not so nude that no one will notice that you even painted your nails. I also love it because its not as noticeable when it starts chipping so it doesn't drive me as crazy as a colored polish would once that first chip comes.

10. Preseason Hockey 
I'm a HUGE Boston Bruins fan. My family is obsessed so because of that I was basically raised to bleed black and gold. So to say I'm excited about hockey season is an understatement. Regular season hockey doesn't start till October (Bruins start October 8th) but preseason started this month. It kinda sucks that preseason isn't aired on TV but thats what the internet is for! I'm excited to see what the 2014/15 Bruins are going to play like and in all honestly I'm just happy to have hockey back in my life because I miss it so much.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

#ootd Summer in September

Top: Lauren Conrad Collection (Khol's) Jeans: American Eagle
Bag: Forever21 Shoes: Sperry

New England weather is weird and these past few days have felt more like July than the end of September. But what better way to enjoy this one last beautiful weekend then with good friends and some good shopping?  I spent the day with my friends walking around Boylston and Newbury street, eating delicious pizza and even finding a wedding proposal in chalk in the public gardens. The warm weather was amazing but I am ready for some cooler fall days, mainly because I have no summer clothes at school and they shut our AC off for the season! But I love being able to spend my weekends in the city doing absolutely nothing but just walking around and window shopping. 

Now I have to return to real life and finish my huge pile of homework! Yay college!! 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Big Brother Finale!!

So as you should all know by now I'm a huge Big Brother fan and the finale was last night so I obviously have to write about it!

Okay so first off I'm going to talk about the predictions I made at the beginning of the season in this post.

I made the prediction that I would love Frankie Grande because I was already a fan of him from YouTube. I wasn't too far off with this one and I know I'm probably going to have plenty of people who disagree with me BUT WAIT! I loved Frankie for most of the season, watching Big Brother After Dark and the live feeds he was always entertaining and he was a good game player for most of the summer. Then he kinda lost it and his game got really paranoid and he was kind of a jerk. I'm relieved that he is in the jury now because I did not like him as a game player in the end.

I also made the prediction that I would hate Paola but in all honestly, she wasn't in the house long enough for me to really hate her! I did however hate Brittany. I thought she was rude because all she would do is run around the house saying that she deserved to win the money just because she had kids. She thought she was better than everyone and I really just could not stand her.

I loved Nicole, Christine and Hayden in the beginning because they were really entertaining. The Christine/Cody situation did not bother me as much as it bothered everyone else (mainly the audience who booed her when she was evicted). I was okay with it because I also followed Christine's husband Tim on twitter and he said that it didn't bother him and he knew that when he was featured on the show he was going to get the "angry husband edit" which was very true.  Nicole and Hayden were cute but Nicole did get annoying towards the end.

Zankie was great because Zach was insane. After seeing his intro piece I thought I would hate him because he was all "I don't have friends and I don't need them" but he was really fun to watch. I definitely missed him on After Dark after he was evicted. Who else is going to stand on the coffee table after being evicted and throw Fruit Loops at the rest of the house guests??

In the end I'm so happy that Derrick won. I knew form the start that he was going to be a good player and he proved it week after week. He had a part in basically every eviction without getting blood on his hands and he made it through 55 nominations without being put up once. I thought throughout the whole finale that it could have gone either way but Cody's speech and his answers to the jury questions were just dumb especially when it came to Frankie. Your final two speech is not where you gloat about getting someone evicted, so I'm not sure why he thought that would be a good idea. And if you don't think Derrick was the right choice then I think you need to look at Dan's tweet form last night:

All in all I loved this season. I don't exactly think it was the "most twisted summer ever" but the BOB was a cool idea. Kinda bummed that I have to wait until June for it to return but I also can't wait to see what they have planned for season 17.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Trends that Need to Go

I tend to do fashion posts about trends that I find appealing. This will NOT be one of those posts. As a fashion student, my stereotype is opinionated bitch. This post will further prove this notion. Here's my two cents on four trends that are popular that I cannot stand and some alternative choices that I prefer.

(Thanks William Sledd)

Unless you're going for farmer's daughter chic, this look does not look good. The trend nowadays tend to be wearing this horrid excuse for jeans with one strap not hooked in. Well, unless you want to look like you forgot to button up after making a stop at the ladies room, please stop this. 

Alternative Look - Suspender Skirts/ Suspenders
Look I'm cute without looking like I just went pig chasing.
Nirvana Shirts
I'm so edgy and cool
Look, I have nothing against Nirvana or Kurt Cobain or David Grohl or none of those guys. They were revolutionary in music and the world lost a talented musician when Cobain committed. However, girls tend to wear these bands tee's and either only know the song "Sounds like Teen Spirit" or simply no songs at all. C'mon now people.

Alternative Look - Band Tee's in General
I know more than one song from this band!!!!
Puffy Vests
my vital organs are so cozy warm, fuck my arms
There is no world where I buy that a vest keeps you nice and toasty warm like a cookie. If you're cold, put on a jacket or a sweater like a normal person. Honestly, this trend looks like you're from those Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century movies. It's 2014, let's look like it.

Alternative Look - Denim/ Leather Vests
Kim knows what's up
Edgy, sleek, stylish (yo)

Ugg Boots
jsyk this picture is titled "Satan's Asshole"
Aren't we over this already? They aren't that comfy, I promise. Also, in my opinion, the cost for what you're getting is not worth it. If you are going to surcome to this trend, can it at least not be the bright pink, blue, whatever other unnatural color Ugg can think of?

Alternative Look - ANY OTHER BOOT EVER 
so many styles I look so GUCCI
If you do wear these trends, ROCK THEM OUT. Prove me wrong. Make me love them. It's happened many a time before and I think that's one of the things I love about fashion. Trends can be slightly tweaked to make them amazing and make me love them. 

Much Love,

Monday, September 22, 2014

Study Playlist (First Semester)

I just realized that is has been forever since I made a playlist post and since I just spent way to long making a good homework playlist I figured I'd share it with you! (My full playlist is about 4 hours long so I'm just going to give you a little taste of it here.)

It Was Always You - Maroon 5
Break Your Heart Right Back - Ariana Grande
I Believe - Basic Vacation
Blame - Calvin Harris
Centuries - Fall Out Boy
Cool Kids - Echosmith
Girls - The 1975
Are You What You Want To Be? - Foster The People
Of The Night - Bastile
Love Don't Die - The Fray
Arrows (ft. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis) - Fences
Animals - Maroon 5
Riptide - Vance Joy
Hot Tonight - Tokyo Police Club
Ways To Go - Grouplove
3005 - Childish Gambino
Lover Of The Light - Mumford And Sons

Happy studying and as always if you want to follow my full homework playlist for this semester you can do so by clicking here

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Why "Scrubs" is One of the Most Important Shows of All Time

"Scrubs" premiered thirteen years ago in 2001 with a witty script, a hilarious cast, and even some medicine.  The show featured the life of Doctor John "J.D." Dorian and his counter parts as they learned about life and all that comes with it. "Scrubs" was an intended sitcom, but would always slide in the serious side of medical.  While the show always made us laugh, it also made us think, cry,  and wonder if this is how real doctors live.  Even with shows like E.R, Grey's Anatomy, House, etc. time and time again, "Scrubs" is credited as the most accurate medical show of all time. Weird for a comedy, yes?

I first discovered "Scrubs" while flying JetBlue to Marco Island in Florida.  From however many miles high I was, I discovered a love affair that would not end. I can't tell you what was happening in the said episodes I watched, but all I remember was that there was a marathon on and I watched the show the whole flight and was pretty bummed to get off the plane since I was no where near a television set afterwards.

ANYWHO. enough for long introductions. Here's why Scrubs is one of the most important shows of all time...

The Bromance
JD and Turk showed that it was okay to be in love with your best friend. It was no "no homo" situation, even though it did get quite "homo" at times. 

Realistic Aspects of Life (and Death)
If you've seen this episode, you know I hit right in the feels. To put it short, sometimes people close to you die and it's hard to let go, even if you deal with death all the time. Scrubs showed us you didn't always have to be strong and it was simply okay to let it out.

The Bad Guy

Now, Scrubs does the best job at depicting it's villain. Sure, in one episode he is depicted with devil horns, but generally he's shown in a lab coat. Dr. Kelso, chief of medicine, was known for getting patients out of the hospital who lacked insurance regardless if they needed care, etc. Honestly, my favorite thing about Bob Kelso was you never hated him. The man did his job, added comic relief, and basically did what a normal person in charge would have to do. Plus, his spits with Dr. Cox make the show.

Coworker Romances
I myself am guilty of coworker romances and I know I'm not alone.  Scrubs depicts several couples who met at Sacred Heart and how their dynamic is when and when they are not dating. The whole hospital knows everyone's business, and that's just like any other workplace. They also do a lovely job at depicting exes as friends and why that does and does not work.

"Real Heroes Don't Wear Capes"
Doctor Cox is one of my all time favorite fictional characters. He's a sarcastic ass, is blunt as hell, but always does his job. At the end of the day, he loves the work he does. He always thinks of the patients first and this sometimes gets him in trouble.  Cox is the unsuspected hero of the show and we learn that from the very first episode. Many people identify with him since they cope with shit through humor (and alcohol)

Not much more I can say without spoiling the show, so I'll leave my list at five. If you haven't gotten the message, go watch the series! It's on Netflix and you'll finish it in no time. Tell me your two cents on this sitcom.

Much Love,

Saturday, September 20, 2014

#ootd TGIF Thank God It's ((almost)) Fall

Sweater - American Eagle Jeans - American Eagle 
Boots - Steve Madden Watch - Paper Store Cape Cod & Evil Eye Bracelets

Literally everything is from Forever 21 minus the tights 
Outfit Cost - $65
Outfit Tip - Drugstore tights tend to last longer and are much cheaper!

Okay so maybe fall hasn't officially started yet, but it has definitely felt like it these past few days. We're both pretty pumped to be able to wear our fall clothes (and we 100% did not mean to match today). 
What's your favorite fall outfit? Let us know in the comments!