Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Trends that Need to Go

I tend to do fashion posts about trends that I find appealing. This will NOT be one of those posts. As a fashion student, my stereotype is opinionated bitch. This post will further prove this notion. Here's my two cents on four trends that are popular that I cannot stand and some alternative choices that I prefer.

(Thanks William Sledd)

Unless you're going for farmer's daughter chic, this look does not look good. The trend nowadays tend to be wearing this horrid excuse for jeans with one strap not hooked in. Well, unless you want to look like you forgot to button up after making a stop at the ladies room, please stop this. 

Alternative Look - Suspender Skirts/ Suspenders
Look I'm cute without looking like I just went pig chasing.
Nirvana Shirts
I'm so edgy and cool
Look, I have nothing against Nirvana or Kurt Cobain or David Grohl or none of those guys. They were revolutionary in music and the world lost a talented musician when Cobain committed. However, girls tend to wear these bands tee's and either only know the song "Sounds like Teen Spirit" or simply no songs at all. C'mon now people.

Alternative Look - Band Tee's in General
I know more than one song from this band!!!!
Puffy Vests
my vital organs are so cozy warm, fuck my arms
There is no world where I buy that a vest keeps you nice and toasty warm like a cookie. If you're cold, put on a jacket or a sweater like a normal person. Honestly, this trend looks like you're from those Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century movies. It's 2014, let's look like it.

Alternative Look - Denim/ Leather Vests
Kim knows what's up
Edgy, sleek, stylish (yo)

Ugg Boots
jsyk this picture is titled "Satan's Asshole"
Aren't we over this already? They aren't that comfy, I promise. Also, in my opinion, the cost for what you're getting is not worth it. If you are going to surcome to this trend, can it at least not be the bright pink, blue, whatever other unnatural color Ugg can think of?

Alternative Look - ANY OTHER BOOT EVER 
so many styles I look so GUCCI
If you do wear these trends, ROCK THEM OUT. Prove me wrong. Make me love them. It's happened many a time before and I think that's one of the things I love about fashion. Trends can be slightly tweaked to make them amazing and make me love them. 

Much Love,

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  1. I agree 100%!
    Although I still love a good pair of ankle boots! :)
    Great post :)