Sunday, September 21, 2014

Why "Scrubs" is One of the Most Important Shows of All Time

"Scrubs" premiered thirteen years ago in 2001 with a witty script, a hilarious cast, and even some medicine.  The show featured the life of Doctor John "J.D." Dorian and his counter parts as they learned about life and all that comes with it. "Scrubs" was an intended sitcom, but would always slide in the serious side of medical.  While the show always made us laugh, it also made us think, cry,  and wonder if this is how real doctors live.  Even with shows like E.R, Grey's Anatomy, House, etc. time and time again, "Scrubs" is credited as the most accurate medical show of all time. Weird for a comedy, yes?

I first discovered "Scrubs" while flying JetBlue to Marco Island in Florida.  From however many miles high I was, I discovered a love affair that would not end. I can't tell you what was happening in the said episodes I watched, but all I remember was that there was a marathon on and I watched the show the whole flight and was pretty bummed to get off the plane since I was no where near a television set afterwards.

ANYWHO. enough for long introductions. Here's why Scrubs is one of the most important shows of all time...

The Bromance
JD and Turk showed that it was okay to be in love with your best friend. It was no "no homo" situation, even though it did get quite "homo" at times. 

Realistic Aspects of Life (and Death)
If you've seen this episode, you know I hit right in the feels. To put it short, sometimes people close to you die and it's hard to let go, even if you deal with death all the time. Scrubs showed us you didn't always have to be strong and it was simply okay to let it out.

The Bad Guy

Now, Scrubs does the best job at depicting it's villain. Sure, in one episode he is depicted with devil horns, but generally he's shown in a lab coat. Dr. Kelso, chief of medicine, was known for getting patients out of the hospital who lacked insurance regardless if they needed care, etc. Honestly, my favorite thing about Bob Kelso was you never hated him. The man did his job, added comic relief, and basically did what a normal person in charge would have to do. Plus, his spits with Dr. Cox make the show.

Coworker Romances
I myself am guilty of coworker romances and I know I'm not alone.  Scrubs depicts several couples who met at Sacred Heart and how their dynamic is when and when they are not dating. The whole hospital knows everyone's business, and that's just like any other workplace. They also do a lovely job at depicting exes as friends and why that does and does not work.

"Real Heroes Don't Wear Capes"
Doctor Cox is one of my all time favorite fictional characters. He's a sarcastic ass, is blunt as hell, but always does his job. At the end of the day, he loves the work he does. He always thinks of the patients first and this sometimes gets him in trouble.  Cox is the unsuspected hero of the show and we learn that from the very first episode. Many people identify with him since they cope with shit through humor (and alcohol)

Not much more I can say without spoiling the show, so I'll leave my list at five. If you haven't gotten the message, go watch the series! It's on Netflix and you'll finish it in no time. Tell me your two cents on this sitcom.

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