Thursday, October 2, 2014

I Woke Up Like This - Surviving Cold Season in College

Fellow college students, nothing is worse than waking up for a morning class am I right? Wrong. Waking up with a cold while your at school is much worse. I know that when I'm sick I just want to be home, I want my mom to make me soup and I just want to lay on my couch and sleep forever. Unfortunately in college you don't always have that luxury. So what can you do to make these sick days a little less miserable? Here are some of my tips:

1. Go to Class (if you can) 
Okay I know this sounds stupid but just hear me out. Obviously if you are throwing up and stuff then it's time to use common sense and stay in bed, but if you wake up with a cold then skipping class is not worth it in the long run. Why? Because eventually you're going to feel much better and the last thing you're going to want to be doing is make up work. Also why waste one of your skips when you can save them for later in the semester?  I never said you have to look like a super model when you go to class, wear yogas and sweatshirts. No one is going to judge you, and I'm sure they would do the same if they were in your shoes.

2. Have the perfect movie line up
Thanks to sites like Netflix and Hulu it is so easy to stay in bed all day and watch movies or binge watch a whole season of Parks And Recreation. (after class) curl up in bed with your laptop and call it a day. Some of my favorite sick day movies are: 
Pirates of the Caribbean (all of them)
Crazy Stupid Love
27 Dresses
any 80's movie
basically any Johnny Depp movie
all of the Harry Potter movies
3. Comfort food
Although  you may not have your moms homemade chicken soup, there are a few must haves that you should keep in your dorm room to help you out. 
Ice Cream - sore throats SUCK and honestly do you really need an excuse to eat ice cream? 

Coffee/hot chocolate/tea - nothing makes me fee cozzier than a hot white chocolate mocha. I'm not sure if this really will help with your cold but I know that it make me feel better
Orange Juice/water - I sound like your mom but OJ helps with colds. Don't believe me? Google it.
Chicken Soup - do I really need to explain this? 

This may be hard for us to understand but going to bed at 2AM is not good any day and it's really not great if you're sick. Go to bed early, I'm sure your roommates will understand. Trust me whatever show you're worried about missing will be online in the morning. 

5. Dayquil and Niquil are your new best friends 
Seriously people this may seem like a no brainer but you really should have a box of each in your dorm room. Nothing is worse than having to leave your bed and put on real clothes just to go to the store and buy medicine. 

Well I'm gonna go and take my own advice because I was lucky enough to wake up sick this morning!
Hope none of you need to do the same but if so, I hope you enjoy your netflix marathon,

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