Monday, November 24, 2014

Autumn 2014 Trends

It's about halfway through autumn and winter is quickly approaching.  Here in New England, we've already seen a few snowflakes.  And since it is New England, we've also had a few days approach the seventy degree mark.  Nonetheless, this time of year has always been a favorite of mine for fashion,  It's a season of hot chocolate, apple picking, and the school semester is in full swing.  The fashion that goes along with it is warm and comfy and still hella cute.  Anywho, if you've read my Summer post, this will mirror it. Here's my favorite trends for this Fall.

Leather Leggings

I know I'm a sucker for leather (seeing as I am the resident punk), but I cannot get enough of the leather legging trend.  It's the simplest way to make a basic top or sweater look edgy and chic. I also love a girl who can rock the double leather and pair these bad boys with a leather jacket. So goddamn badass and I'm obsessed. 

Also try with a fur vest! 

The "Matchy-Matchy"

In all honesty, not everyone can pull this off, but when it's done right, it is done so fucking right. I find this look so lady-like and just plain old fashionable. A lady wearing this trend looks like someone I want to ask fashion advice to.

(also shoutout to my cute friend pictured to the right. She's also hella punk)


So obviously in the fall, it starts to get colder and we need to consider bundling up, especially here in New England. I'm absolutely obsessed with the sudden revival of the cape and cannot wait to purchase one for myself. Perfect alternative to a heavy winter coat, which if you're like me, are absolutely sick.

Also obsessed with this gloves, but we'll talk about gloves for winter trends!

Faux Fur Vests

Okay, so Kasey and I are both equally in love with this trend.  Our only "problem" with it is that in our gut, we feel this trend will be out by next year. Big bummer honestly.  They dress up a simple outfit so nicely and it's almost mindless to put one on. I hope I'm wrong and this trend lasts!

Again, pair with those leather leggings!

Patterned Black Skinny's

One of my managers wears these all of them time and I need to find a pair for myself.  Patterned black skinny jeans add some flare to a professional outfit, or just some fun on a possible night out.  I'm on the lookout for ones with black polka dots on them myself. The texture on the pants is just subtle enough to not be obnoxious.

Seriously, if you find a pair, tell me the store! I need them!

60's Revival

Obviously, I couldn't picture the whole trend, so I picked my personal favorite, the shift dress.  With a good pair of tights, colored or just good old black, this is the perfect fall look. Also I'm obsessed with the revival of bold patterns. Nothing makes a statement like a good pattern.

Happy Dressing,
Much Love,
P.S. Winter is almost among us! Bundle up!

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