Saturday, November 1, 2014

October Favorites

October is over which is great for me because it means that I can listen to Christmas music. Yes I know Thanksgiving hasn't passed yet but in my mind Christmas starts the day after Halloween. Don't judge.
Anyway, October had so many things that could have made this list but I don't want to get in the habit of making huge favorites lists like I did last month. So after much consideration, here are my top 5 favorites from this month!

Andrew McMahon in The Wilderness
Andrew McMahon has always been one of my favorite musicians and I'm sure you may not know him by name but I bet you have heard some of his music on tv shows or Myspace pages. He was the front man for Something Corporate (Punk Rock Princess, I Woke Up in a Car) and he also had a very successful solo project Jack's Mannequin (Dark Blue, The Mixed Tape, Bruised). If you lived through the early 2000's and never heard any of those songs, I am so sorry for you. Fast forward to now, a year after the end off Jack's Mannequin and Andrew has yet another solo project and it is beautiful. Andrew McMahon in The Wilderness came out on October 14th on iTunes and Spotify and I can't stop listening to it. (this isn't surprising, considering I still blast Everything In Transit in my car as if it didn't come out almost 10 years ago). If you haven't checked it out you definitely should. My favorites on the album are Canyon Moon, Cecilia And The Satellite and High Dive. 

Bean Boots
One of my favorite fall fashion pieces are boots. I have at least 5 different pairs of boots and I don't really wear anything other than them from October-March. My favorite boots at the moment are my bean boots. I have been obsessed with bean boots since last year and I finally have a pair of my own after a return issue last Christmas.  I love these boots because they are super cute and super functional. they are great for chilly fall days, rainy days and even snowy ones. I love to pair them with a pair of knit socks and a vest and sweater. 

Emma Roberts' Guest Collection for Baublebar
               I love accessories and a good statement piece so it's no surprise that I instantly wanted to buy everything from Emma Roberts' collection this month. I had never heard of Baublebar until Emma tweeted a link to her collection at the beginning of the month but I kind of just assumed that everything was going to be super pricey (because that's usually how celebrity collections work) but I was pleasantly surprised. Sure she has a few pieces that are more expensive than my budget allows for, but most of it is priced similarly to Francesca's jewelry. Some of my favorites are this Rainbow Frank Collar necklace ($68) and the PinkBungaloo Drop earrings ($38)

The Skimm 
Nothing is worse than not knowing what is going on in the world. No one wants to be that person who doesn't know what Isis is or why people are mad at Obama this time or even what is happening in pop culture. When I'm home I watch the news a lot, but it is so hard to actually sit down and watch it at school. Thank GOD for this website called The Skimm. They email you every morning Monday-Friday with a skimmed version of the biggest news stories. Every morning I read it before I even get out of bed. They are such short blurbs of really important topics and they're put into words that I can understand first thing in the morning. It's a free service and I highly recommend you sign up! 

Gone Girl
THIS MOVIE. Oh man I don't even know how to talk about this movie without totally spoiling it but it was amazing and everyone needs to see it. I didn't read the book and for once, I'm glad I saw the movie first because I really had no idea what was going to happen and every twist and turn (and there were plenty of them) took me by surprise. I can't recommend this movie enough. If you didn't get a chance to see it in theaters or it's no longer playing near you put it on your netflix queue ASAP

Honorable Mentions 
Like I said, I had a ton of favorites this month so here are two that didn't make the list and are garunteed to put a smile on your face.

Ew! - Jimmy Fallon ft. Will I Am

Convincing My Grandma 'Frozen' Happened In Real Life 
This kid video tapes conversations with his grandmother where he tells her all about celebrities. The thing is, she has no idea the people he's talking about are famous, she just thinks he goes to school with them. So of course Jimmy Kimmel got in touch with him and issued him the challenge of convincing her that the entire plot of Frozen actually happened. The result is hilarious. 

Thats all for this month! Hope you had a great Halloween :) 

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