Saturday, November 22, 2014

Where Have We Been?

Well I guess I wasn't lying when I said not to expect much from us this month! We have been so crazy busy with the semester coming to an end and our project due dates and other random things all happening at once.
((Lea has also had some major computer problems recently so that would explain why she has been MIA for a while now, she is working on a new post though and that should be pretty great.))

So what has been going on with us?? Lots and lots of homework and coffee and sleep.
November is a super busy time of the year for us especially when all of our professors like to assign group projects instead of staying to give a final exam!
It is safe to say we are all counting down the days until Thanksgiving break, I mean look at these freaking adorable hand turkeys we made with our suitemates :) 
Once Thanksgiving is over though we still have a week of presentations to get through so that should be interesting. 
So there's a little update to show that we haven't forgotten about you guys! We'll be back soon with normal posts I promise but in the meantime this is what we will probably look like until the semester ends. 

P.S We also have been in the Christmas spirit since before Halloween so be prepared for lots and lots of holiday cheer coming your way!

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