Monday, December 1, 2014

December as a College Student

Happy December First Everyone!
(or Christmas First as it's known in my book)

The most wonderful time or year is almost upon us, but for us college students, one of the worst parts of the year is also among us; FINALS. Whether it's a sit down, take home, or powerpoint presentation, they are all terrible and none of us want to do them, but they are inevitable. Here's some of my tips to get through this time of year.

Find an artist you can have on as background noise. The key is to find one that doesn't take your focus away from the work in front of you. For Kasey and I, this artist is Mister Frank Sinatra.
Always remember you are human, and after you finally submit that powerpoint on blackboard or moodle, you deserve a treat. Candy is always fabulous.
Still go to the gym! I know you may be busy and this is easy to rule out, but it is so good for your mental health. Bring your books to the gym, that's what I did today.
Old Assignments
You know all of those old busy work assignments you did the rest of the semester? Take those out and use those as notes! Most questions will come directly from these. They are your God.
Desk Space
At this point in the semester, your desk probably has all of your things from forever stuck on it. Clear it off. Your bed is too comfy to be burdened with homework. Bring a blanket to your chair. It'll comfort you and your tears.
Microwave Meals
Sometimes the trek to the dining hall is enough to through your studying off for the rest of the night. Stay in the room. Hot pockets are hella.
To-Do Lists/Planners
USE THESE THINGS. They are your saving grace when it comes to prioritizing what is due when or what day you have a final on. And crossing things off of this lists feels oh so good.
...and lastly
lots of it. piles and piles of it. like six cups of day.

Happy Studies,
Much Love,
P.S. Like our Christmas makeover? Thank Kasey!

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