Tuesday, January 27, 2015

SNOW DAY (surviving the blizzard of 2015)

We have been stuck in the middle of this blizzard since yesterday and our classes were just cancelled for tomorrow so we figured we're kind of snow day experts right now. Here's our tips to beat snow day boredom and keep yourself from going too stir crazy!

This really goes without saying but netflix is too important to keep off this list. Some recommendations from us are: Gossip Girl, Friends, any Disney classic or a bad Lifetime movie. (We would be doing this IF WE HAD WORKING WIFI but dvds work just as well I guess).

We for whatever reason decided to be productive members of society this morning and cleaned our room (including vacuuming). Now it just looks really nice and it made us feel less like lazy assholes who have not moved from our beds since.

Play in the snow!
Before the storm got too crazy last night, a group of us threw on a ton of layers and played in the snow like a bunch of 7 year olds. It was really fun and generally just a great excuse to get out of our dorm rooms for a while. *Bonus points if you can get a huge group of people together for an epic snowball fight at an ungodly hour.

Stay safe out there and if you live on campus enjoy your shovel-free day!

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