Friday, May 1, 2015

April Favorites

Happy May! We have finally made it out of the longest winter ever and in a few days I will officially be on summer break! April has been a crazy busy month but here are some of my favorites! :)

American Candy
Okay so technically this album came out in March but because it came out on the 31st I'm going to count it for this month. ITS SO GOOD. I mean I'm obviously biased because The Maine are my favorite band/people so I'm obviously going to love it. But it's seriously an amazing album guys. I have friends who have started listening to The Maine because of this album or they've gone back to listening to them. After being a band for like 8 years, it's crazy to me that they were able to make an album that perfectly combines their ever-changing sound from 2009 until today. I get to see them on Tuesday and I can't wait to hear these new songs live. My personal favorites are (un)lost, My Hair, American Candy and Am I Pretty.

The Grace Helbig Show
Another one of my favorite people did a thing this month too! Grace Helbig (youtuber/spirit animal/amazing human) is now on TV! Her show The Grace Helbig Show premiered on E! earlier this month and it is everything to me. It combines mainstream celebrities with internet celebrities in the funniest ways and it's really awesome. Grace is beautiful and hilarious and you should just watch this show and all of her videos on YouTube if you haven't already. (it's on tonight with Hilary Duff and Shane Dawson at 10:30)

Pastel Nails
 I know what you're thinking; "wow pastels for spring how creative" but just calm down. I have a new obsession with pastel nails and I want it to be a thing not only in the spring, but I also want the trend to carry on into summer. Why? Because these colors look really great with a tan but they're still tame enough that they won't clash with every outfit you wear (like brights and neons will). Just trust me on this.

Crops and Skirts

As someone who doesn't wear a lot of crop tops but really wants to wear a lot of crop tops, I can really get behind this matchy-matchy crop and skirt trend that’s happening. It's very 90's but in the best way possible. I mean I'm all for pretending to be Kelly Kapowski.